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  1. :eek: It might be, but Amy was holding the girl in that pic! I think she loves him too, but he's having doubts about it. I mean he loves her more than anything else, Rory the Roman, who waited :happy:<3 It really breaks my heart. I feel sorry for him so much I'm starting to love him more than Amy and the Doc. And I really love Amy and the Doc. But they're starting to look evil:shifty: How are you my lady?:eyebrow: So looking forward to next episode!! Btw, how are you watching the episodes? Same site?
  2. Could the girl be Amys and The Doctors?:eek: She did have a pic of her and Amy in her bedroom....+ she can regenerate.......:stunned: OMG.

  3. You saw it toooo??:awesome: I'm starting to feel sorry for Rory. He's feeling very insecure when it comes to who Karen loves:( I have my suspicions :shifty: I don't like her thaat much, But I feel sorry for her too:LOL: She loves the doc and he doesn't know who she is:( I loved that kiss:eyebrow: raawr.

  4. WHOOOO! My bro made the proxy shizzle to work!!!!! I'm now watching it on BBC IPLAYERRR!!:awesome:

  5. I'm BORED. Cause I have to study :( WHY WHYWHWY??:LOL: BTW last nights drwho? Tell me when it online!:awesome:

  6. Ooh, I've never seen them before, gonna be intresting!:awesome: The semester is about to end "soon" so we have far more things to do than usual :( You're so active in many stuff, must feel great. I'm just lazy:(:LOL: I only play soccer for fun and nothing else:noey: You're walking to Germany?!?!?:stunned: Or getting there by train or something and then walking around the city? I suppose not, cause you're crazily sporty. Wouldn't surprise me at all:LOL: Walking to Germany and then heading to moi would be good:awesome: It's not like you'd be tired, at all:happy: I know!! I hate it being too cold or too hot. I like it in the middle with a middle-ish wind:yesey: It hasn't rained in 2 weeks :erm: I swear there's something wrong....

  7. You're just saying that cause you dislike her:phu: I don't like her so much either....It feels wierd when they're flirting like that....:erm: She looks way older and just jskflksfj. Why didn't you have schooll?:eek: When do you start?

  8. Didn't you notice how River also had stomach pains after the silents? Maybe Amy said so out of confusion or something.....She was gonna tell the doc what the silent told him, but she didn't and mayeb panicked, or the silents make her say weird stuff?:LOL:blehlblelejbekjbn- My ramble doesn't make sense:facepalm:Hmmm..... School was mehehe. It felt good to be back and have fun, but the schoolwork is lksfksjhksjghksfh:fear: I have an assignment for tomorrow, but still I come here...I'm easily distracted:LOL: How is you!?:awesome: And how was school for you smartypants:eyebrow:

  9. Well YOU CAN GO DIEEEEE:phu: I was being clever and all:LOL: Amy could prob work it:LOL: IWATCHED THE EPISODE LAST NIGHT!!!!! Whaaaaaaaaaaaaat was thaaat?!? I start class now so have to go, but I'll be back..........I will......:shifty:

  10. I haaaaattteeee the weeping angels. But I have a good tactic: blink with one and switch everytime. Therefore you'll always have one eye open!!:awesome:!! MOAHAHAH- What game?:OOOO:eek::LOL: And noooooooooo where are youuuu?????!!:((((

  11. Well its not always so obvious!!:phu: Ooh I know:eyebrows: I cry at every end!:LOL: brb taking a quick shower:))))))))))))

  12. Do you dowload or press the play button? I'm on my phone heheh...maybe I should go to a pc :facepalm:

  13. I KNOOOOWWWW!!!!Hdkskkndkk I miss tennant much, but matt is doing a great job!! :OOOOO

  14. Soooo...MATT SMITH?!?!:awesome:!! Season 6 started but I can't see the first ep. yet :( It's nowhere online :( You haven't seen it?

  15. Oh snap! Ahaaa, 'cause summer's almost heree!!!:awesome:!!! HOW MUCH HAVE YOU SEEEN?! :awesome:!!

  16. Ooooh wierd shoes, you say!? Show me, show meee?:awesome: I love beautiful men, but I love you mooooooore!!!<3<3:kiss: TENNAAANNT!!:awesome:btw, you're watching dr.who??:awesome:

  17. Ska jag försöka klura ut vem detta är? Hm....Alex(?) Alesi låter nära hahah? Magda här! Eller så är du någon random...jag ska vara tyst nu:LOL:
  18. sdöogfisägihsGLSJDGÖKLsdBD"KEÖLJ"ÖK"""!"!!!"!!!! I'mmmm fiiiiiiiiiineeeeeeeeeeeee now that you're heeeereeeee!!!! I've missed our chatting!!:kiss: My lovvveee<3<3 Today is the last day of easter brake buhuhuhuhuh.

  19. ANDRAAADAAAAAAAAAAAA!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I MISS YOU SO MUCH!! Can't believe it's been so long, I bearly come here anymore:( How have you been cutie!? I see some weird troll is taking over, but the real troll is here troll you forever!!!<3 LOVE YOU MORE THAN TWILIGHT CHEESE!!

  20. WOAH! How do you make 'em? And can you show moi!!:eek: My relatives are over, and they've been here for some days...they might leave tomorrow which is good 'cause I feel stressed over school work :( heheh. How have your Easter been so far! Are you on a brake? The weather's been very good this week, like a miracle!! And hope everything's fine with you, I've missed you!!:happy:

  21. Â Vkommen! Jag ska inte a utomlands f Muse i , tror jag.
  22. Maa.

    Y U NO WANT TARDIS?:eek: (jag orkar inte heller) Dem är bra.....:noey: Jag bryr mig dock inte vad de gör, för det ska fangirls göra:phu: How is you ma lady?:eyebrows:

  23. You're making a 3d puzzle? :eek: Thank you!! I've had 5 tests last week and the last one in tuesday and then NO MORE EXAMS (before easterholiday) meeh,:LOL: Hope you're doing great? Sorry for the delayed response, I haven't really had time or the will to come in here :( Watching top gear lately? They never put new episodes anymore, so I have to watch youtube meheh:LOL:

  24. I know!! all these winter/summer jacket problems are confusing, but now I'm wearing a summer(spring) jacket with a warm scarf. It hasn't rained in a long time it feels. And it's been sunny!!!:awesome: I love cycling to school, and now that there's no gravel on the roads it feels so smooth and summery:happy: I've been studying all week, and now this week is full of stuff so I have to study during the weekends as well :( But I'll manage, I hope:LOL: hope you've had a great week?:D

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