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  1. Ohai how are you?:dance:

  2. Ohh noo a thought criminal!:eek:

    just kidding:shifty:


    Welcome to the board!:dance:

  3. Merry Christmas:dance::xmas:

  4. Merry Christmas:D

  5. aha i suspected you would have to do something like that! cool:awesome:

  6. Haha yes he does sound like he's dying. :LOL: Ohh, how do you do those small video things?:awesome:

  7. Haah his laugh:LOL: :awesome: Sit the fuck doownnnnn!!

  8. Hahaa genious:LOL: I can watch videos of them million times and still laugh my ass off:LOL:


  9. Mee too studying is fun, i should do that now but instead im here at the awsome forum. Matt, Chris and Dom really makes life worth living. haha i love watching videos of them on youtube. Hilarious :LOL:

  10. Naaw, IHATESCHOOL!! I really feel sorry for you. It really is annoying. I had tickets to see muse in Stockholm with my cousins who doesnt love muse, but live in stockholm. My mum invited them to go to the concert with me for some generous reason. And on the same day my uncle decided that he didnt want his daughters to go, so i couldnt go either. We never went and I cried for almost a week, i still hate him. BLAAH

  11. Naaw, poor you. I wont have any trouble since its my first year in high school. Bleeh the final exams must be very hard!:(

    Hopefully you will do great on the finals. Well the only reason my parents let me travel to london to see muse is because of my school grades:LOL:

  12. Woow, you're awsome. Haha lol at matt taking a picture of himself infront of a mirror before SNL:LOL: and the "fuck you, from muse with love" haha:LOL: Beautiful matt and dommeh :kiss:

  13. I have also just seen them once in Copenhagen this year.:musesign: But Im seeing them in Wembley next year, soo exicited. :smile:

  14. I love your avatar :awesome: dommeh :kiss: By the way have you seen them live?

  15. woow, now I feel like a newbie:O dont be scared the forum does not exist, this is just an illusion:shifty: :ninja:

  16. Mee too, well iv'e been a fan since 2007, but joined the messageboard this october! Well better late then never :)

  17. Ohai to you!

    Its fun to see new musers at the boards :) your funny :LOL:

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