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  1. I quite like the "random" ones, just like the best t-shirt they sold on the resistance era, the Hydro47 Owl and Skull one. It doesn't have anything to do with the damn rainbow hexagons or any other covers...it's just a pretty awesome T-shirt design :yesey:(I like the rainbow hexagons, I'm just sick of them being everywhere)


    I know, scarily enough I'm wearing it right now:awesome: No, but I thought since it was to celebrate the guys headlining R&L + OoS BD it shouldn't be that random.

  2. Well, I think I can post mine too :p

    I have no hope of winning but I'm still excited to see all the finalists :happy:




    Good luck to all of you :)


    Love this!:happy:


    Yeah, no hope of winning here either...want to see the shortlist now:LOL:



  3. Halloj allihopa!

    Har precis fixat satt mitt konto h funkar, sman kan sa att jag ny h men jag har varit aktiv pandra hl som muser! Hur popula Muse egentligen i Sverige? F jag kner mig rt ensam om att vara ett hard-core muse fan. det non h fresten som ska till Reading? :) Jag ska dit, lgtar som bara den!



    Jag ska inte a utomlands f Muse i , tror jag.

  4. They still aren't made, are they?


    And I support. I'll just place them on my bicycle. If it works :F: Don't have a car either, can't even drive xDDD

    Ms.Cool. Ridin' a bike. badasss. <3


    On topic though: I'd like one to have one. If they made Crimbo baubles, who are useless, why not make bobble heads?:happy:

  5. Okay Uprising, I'm bored now! :p:LOL:


    US, that's better, doesn't get played on the radio much um but this is internet radio! I feel like we're listening to a station that two people listen to.


    He's good at reading this guy! :chuckle:


    I listen to it sometimes...but only because I know a DJ there....;)

    I wouldn't say he plays good music either, but that's just my opinion.

  6. Omg, these are amazing! :D


    Got the mixed baubles set and the iPhone case - yays!


    I'm such a merch wh0re and a total sucker for stuff I'll never use (apart from the case), but it's just so awesomes and pwetty, haha. And it adds to my ever-growing collection. Fanks, Mooze :awesome:.


    I want your collection!!! but not the baubles:LOL:

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