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  1. Du leker svår och jag beter mig som ett dagisbarn lol hihihi

  2. omg haha vilken tönt jag är

  3. You're welcome anytime!! Would love a visit from you! I wanted to study dentistry but I didn't get a place, so I chose the pharmaceutical program. It has got the medicine part and I like chemistry (the first class) so I thought why not. I'm happy I did that though 'cause it's been fun so far and the people are really nice and fun. Yeah, it was weird wasn't it! Me too, it wasn't capturing enough and really usual in a way. I also found the song to not be Muse-y, as many said it sounded like U2 etc. I didn't really like it because I expected it to be this huuge song and heavy and all because of the name :LOL: But now I do, they do make it sound good eventhough I normally wouldn't like it. I love the last part! I really dislike that! That's why I love living in a calm neighbourhood, they're all new families with children so no one's loud. I think I need to get glasses cause my eye sight is bad I've notice from trying to read the text on screen at lectures. Did I tell you I couldn't wait to start studying? Forget that :LOL: When you have alot to do it aint fun anymore! I hope we both get less soon! Also Muse will be at a Swedish/Norweigan show called Skavlan on thursday and I was trying to get train tickets but I was overbidded :( I didn't get tickets for the show either :(

  4. Heeey! It's like several months between every reply, high five to uussss!:awesome: I'm alriiight, that song made me happy though, real quality music, dope video effects:yesey: How are yooooou gurl and what's up with your life??

  5. Thank you! I got your card! So very sweet and I really apologize for the delays, I never get on here anymore or the internet at all really :LOL: I love going to London, I really want to visit Scotland next time I travel though, or the US but it's so expensive :( I'm getting my hands on a ticket atm but I'll have to travel all alone, it's pretty far and I don't know if I'll have any exams at that time. So the madness video is coming tomorrow! What do you think of the song btw? How are you? :)

  6. How are you guuuuuuuuurl?!?! :awesome:

  7. Improving! As the summer's coming to an end I guess I have to start getting my shit together haha. No way! So jealous! Because of the olympics I assume? Currently dealing with what Universities to choose from, what and where to study etc, really confusing when you haven't made up your mind entirely. Are you seeing Muse on any date btw? I didn't think the tickets would sell out so "quickly" so all the standing are sold out here haha. Need to get my hands on one haha.

  8. I got your card! Really made my day and cheered me up, thank you! So much have happened lately but I've felt and been absent, basically haven't been good. Will reply properly tomorrow he he, hope all is well with you girl. :happy:

  9. Thank you, got your card! I thought my other friend from Holland had sent it cause you two have very similar handwriting. VERY similar, like creepy.:LOL: I hope you'll do good on your exams and that you'll cope, it can be very stressful but I know you can do this! :happy. I've sent a card from London, but I sent it from here as I didn't have time to send it there:LOL: I'm currently looking up the band you reccomended on your letter, will return with an opinion :) How are you? P.S How's the weather in Holland? Today was very sunny :O

  10. Pheeeeeew, been driving most of the day! I have my drivers exam on monday so I need to get better :LOL: Yes school brakes are the best even if it's not a complete brake! Yeah I believe they should go more rock again! And I think it will be heavier now that Chris is going to be more active in the album making! Ooh how fun! That's definately a good time to be there, will be very special!! Hope you're doing good! HAPPY VALENTINES TOOO! Hope you've had much chocolate:eyebrows: xx

  11. Curse you caps! I wanted it in caps:(

  12. Gguuuurl!! I miss yooou!! I miss our chicken bananas, come baack pleaase come baaaaack xxx

  13. Yeah, very much that! We're supposed to do that but it's really just a normal brake, some go skiing or something! Still snow here tooo! Tenerife was amazing, really sunny and relaxing, was perfect! Glad you're coping with school! I'm studying now too eventhough I'm on a brake, because I want to be well prepared and don't stress too much when it starts again! Much to do :( HAHAH I don't know! Pretty ironic though! I guess Muse are turning into Coldplay a bit by people! I really think Coldplay suck so :noey: I'm really feeling they're becoming too mainstream now :facepalm: I'm going to london in two weeks to see Marina And The Diamonds and I leave a day before the NME awards :( Wish I could be there as Kasabian are performing, but I've got exam on that day :'( I sent it on friday, should be with you soon! Hiihi hope you're doing great?

  14. This time I'm really really for the late reply! I got your new years card, really made my day! Have been in Tenerife, it was so summery I forgot it's winter when I got back:LOL: Got you a postcard from there but I forgot it, so you'll get a little something from here ;) Will be posting your letter this week! How are you doing, been a long time since last :( This semester in school will be so hectic! Can't wait for our "Sports brake" in Feb! Btw, lol at Muse being nominated for both worst band and best live band at NME awards!

  15. I'm now 100% I'll be going to London in February to meet my dutch friend! We're both fans of Marina And The Diamonds so we're going together to see her live:happy: I loved working as a guide! I did get better at talking and next week they've requested us to come for a day cause we were so good(aka free labour):LOL: I'll be writing you a letter and sending it to you later the upcoming week! They always give us much to do before christmas :( There's a storm here in Sweden and there's the possibility of school shutting down tomorrow, yaay! (So I can finish assignments home :( not so yay though) Oh I love when I get better marks than people who understand everything! Doesn't happen much nowadays, this semester has just gone worse for me :( How are you doing? Sorry for the late reply:facepalm: (I'm always a late replier, the same with my homework, last minute:happy:)

  16. I wish I can someday! My parents aren't the biggest fans of festivals, and specially not when they're abroad:LOL::supersad: Well I intend on going to Holland someday to visit a close friend who lives there, well we've planned to meet in London, but who knows :happy: I did survive!!! And I did get your postcard!!!!!I was having a rough day and I was really grateful for it, made me so happy, thank you:happy: And do expect a letter soon from me:awesome: But today I just started my "project-work" at Universeum, it's a science center here and I'll be working as a guide. We do these 100 h"projects" at the end of the year. It'll be a lot of work and stuff and I'm kinda nervous as I don't like to talk in front a large group of strangers....It'll be lotsa fun though! And I might walk around wearing a LES space suit, well not the real deal, but a simpler replica:LOL:Hope you're doing great?

  17. I did sneak out! And I'm doing it more often, which is good, specially if you must work on the computer all day:noey: AND :eek: :eek: :eek: In greece with school?!!? JEALOUS!! OH AND 4 HOURS OF SLEEP IN A WEEK?!?!?!? You're pretty much the epitome of crazy:stunned: Hahaha nice one, sleeping in class is the most relaxing thing one can do :yesey: Yeah, the song title just gets me, hahah, so hilarious!!:LOL: Oh I love pinkpop and I'm so jealous you've been there AND you live near!!! It's pretty much one of the best festivals in the world, always good acts! I'm doing good! Is currently having the 'week of hell' as I like to call it:happy: exams or presentations atleast once a day. Well it's more like two weeks of hell as the last exam is on next wednesday. Logging in to here and seeing your posts really cheered me up!:happy: Hope you're doing great? x

  18. You know our song :eyebrows: But even more awesome (as if that could be possible) BUT YES! Clickity click Let me present, JOSH FUCKEN HOMMEEEEE!!!!!!!!!:eyebrows:

  19. Here I thought I was waiting for your reply:LOL: I'm so sorry, I think this is a new record on late replies:facepalm: It's actually sunny today which is a shame cause I have loads of homework to do, but I could always sneak out for a walk:happy: Wow, London and Austria!?:awesome: So jealous!! I just noticed I've had school for only a month...it feels like 5 :( How are you, doll? Hope you're doing great! :happy: EDIT: Oh and new muse song called 'too late' for the new twilight movie...a rumour for now but 'too late' :LOL:

  20. Thanks, so kind of you! :happy:

  21. Whaaat dude?!? Get well dude! And a cold this time a year?:erm:strange.... I'm doing fine, the ol' usual ya kno:cool: The new Garbage album is clooooser nooow!!!:awesome: I'm so glad they're back!!!!! :happy: How is u, how is u cuz I wanna know?!?

  22. DUUUUUUUUUUDE! WAAY TOO LONG I MISS YOOU:kiss::kiss:<3 How is u, how is u cuz I wanna kno okaay?

  23. It's like a Swedish summery holiday tradition thing we celebrate so people go to summery places:LOL: I hope you get better too:happy: It's been raining all week:indiff: So what's up in Holland?:cool:

  24. AAahaaaa!! But still!!:stunned: I'm sure it's calming in a way..I miss doing that stuff!:happy: Aww :( I hope you get better soon!<3 I'm still sooo jealous!! So happy for you!!:awesome: I'm so fangirly over them:LOL: they're so hilarious! Woaah! 2 hours only:stunned: But I'm sure it was worth it! That's cause you're mega talented! I would have never been able to get good at both-panic attack!:LOL::facepalm: Enjoy your holiday!! I start in a month and 12 days:'( buhuhuhuh:LOL: Good luck with all the exams and hang in there!! You can do this!:yesey: I've been on a camp thing, was really fun and it's so beautiful there, and now I'm back on the computer:facepalm: hihih How are you doing?<3

  25. MY.GOD.:stunned: I've never seen stuff like this before!!!! How do you build it? I mean wouldn't it collapse if pieces are missing...specially the opera house-must be tricky?still :eek: It was becoming too time consuming my grades went worse:LOL: So I had to quit :( You really are sporty people in your family! Thats great!! :awesome: OMG PINKPOP!?!?!? You were there?!? Who did you see? FOOS?!?!?:awesome: They're coming in two days and I can't go :( And I've been wanting to see them for years...I will just be depressed as always...I'm very used to missing gigs now:facepalm: Ahaa that's confusing! :LOL: You revised art in the same day you have your exam?:O Superpowers I say:yesey: Thaat late? When do you begin again, in September? I'm doing great! I passed out in the shower earlier today for no reason :erm: I did make it though without hitting my head at something...ninja:yesey: How did the art exam go?:D Was it theoretical?

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