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  1. Haven't checked this in ages! How's everyone? Buhayin natin ulit itong thread
  2. hi, yet another Filipino Muse fan :D

  3. Welcome to the board! Yaaaay, another pinoy on .mu :D

  4. Yea, you're not alone in that A random person on the street singing their songs? Eugh Sorry if other pinoy fans don't feel that way. It would seem too baduy (not the songs, just the feeling) if they became mainstream here in PI.
  5. I always use my phone. In fact, I'm using it right now :) That's too bad. I'm more active on twitter cos the app is easy to use. If only the muse app was available for symbian phones, I'd get on .mu more. I'm from Manila, Philippines. Planning to live in the US or ldn when I can :)

  6. um, were friends on FB. I didn't know u but since u were a Muser I add u. I don't have twitter, too lazy to get it going. I have .mu on my phone too, u don't? so where r u from?

  7. I'm thinking about what to get myself. It being Muse related is a big bonus :) Thanks for the reminder!

  8. oh thats too bad, ye i dont usually get much either. you should buy yourself something nice!! =)

  9. Hello there :) Have I spammed your Twitter or Facebook timeline? :p I don't get to check .mu that often since I went mobile. I'm too lazy to get out of my room and use the pc :LOL:

  10. Oh okay :D didn't get anything :( my birthday always sucks. It's like any other normal and generic day.

  11. hey, I always wondered if u were on the board. Now I've finally see u r! :)

  12. np, just being friendly! :D get anything awesome?

  13. Thank you so much! Yours was the only greeting I got from .mu and the generic email. LOL

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