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  1. Thanks - will do that tomorrow. Interesting point... how come Seatwave have seated tickets for sale in all areas of the arena - i thought this ballot pre-sale was only for standing tickets and all the rest go on sale tomorrow? Does this mean that Seatwave get an allocation directly from the venue? Seems a bit out of order.
  2. Was lucky enough to get four standing tickets for this gig, but have heard that standing is only for over 16s at the O2. I want to take my two kids (10 and 13) to what will be their first ever concert, and will not be able to if this is the case. Also, the 10 year old is quite small and would have difficulty seeing anyway if standing. If anyone gets 4 GOOD (not up in the clouds) seats tomorrow and would prefer standing tickets, please let me know. Cheers
  3. Hello there and welcome

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