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    I love writing music, coz i feel it is the best way to convey emotions to other people without actually talking. Music is the Universally understood language, so people everywhere can relate to it. And thats why I love it.

    I dream of writing music that makes people happy. In the future I want to be someone that really helps people overcome emotions and just fall in love with music. Who knows what will happen in the future, but if I get to write music that makes people happy, then I will be a happy man.
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    Dreaming, Envisioning, Wishing, Imagining, Creating, Writing.
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    Muse, Radiohead, Pendulum, Coldplay, Gorrilaz, Philip Glass
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    21, The Bourne Identity, Eagle Eye
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    Skins, Misfits, House, Mock The Week
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    - All albums
    - Most B-Sides
    - 3 T-shirts (White Uprising, A Seside Rendezvous, The Resistance Album Logo) - - If you see someone wearing any of these walking down Exeter high street, its probably me!
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    Teignmouth 5/09/2009, Wembley 11/09/10
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  1. Well we only spent about a day there, which was mainly sight-seeing and we hired a boat on the lake. Most of the time we were in Milan.


    Nah, just a few days looking at the anciant Rome sights like the Colosseum ect.

  2. How was it? My family were thinking of going there for our holiday, but we didnt think there would be enough to do for my younger sister. Who knows, maybe one day i will get to there. Is it a family holiday that ur going on?

  3. Rome this time, but I went to Lake Como last year on my way to Milan. It's so pretty :happy:

  4. Yeah i turned 15 in February :) Italy? Nice! Lake Como or somewhere even nicer ;D

  5. Thankyou :D Yeah, I'll be 15 :happy: You're already 15 right?


    Yeah, it seems people get abit touchy with subjects to do with Matt/Kate.


    Nah, haven't got any plans except going to Italy for a present. Most of my birthday was for Muse, so I don't really mind. :)

  6. Happy birthday for tomorow! :D yeah, i did get a fair bit of stick... i hate it when things like that happen, I posted it, then 2 minutes later i see its got some replies. About 1 minute after that, the thread was closed! Im alrite thanks :) Got any plans for your birthday? You'll be 15 yeah?

  7. Haha, I was just looking at that. :p You got alot of stick...


    Anyways, things are good thanks, it's my birthday tomorrow :D

    How are you?

  8. I think i might've just made a bit of a shit thread... Oops...

    Anyways, how r things with u?

  9. Showbiz Sunburn Muscle Museum Cave Uno Unintended Showbiz Overdue Falling Down HTaILY Escape Fillip Sober Origin of Symmetry Bliss New Born Plug In Baby Citizen Erased Micro Cuts Hyper Music Space Dementia Dark Shines Feeling Good Megalomania Screenager Futurism Absolution Stockholm Syndrome Butterflies and Hurricanes Thoughts of a Dying Atheist Time Is Running Out Sing For Absolution Hysteria Blackout RBS The Small Print Apocalypse Please Endlessly FAWY Interlude Intro BHaR KoC SMBH TaB Invincible Starlight City of Delusion MoTP Assasin Exo-Politics Hoodoo Soldiers Poem Glorious The Resistance Redemption Overture Cross Pollination Uprising MK Ultra UD OSoE Resistance Guiding Light IBTY Unnatural Selection
  10. That last one was for sales, but when it comes to fan-base as in members of the bands website, the results are quite.... wierd... Â The band with the largest fan base in the world is Korean Boy Band DBSK, (International name- TVXQ). Â They succesfully broke the Guiness World Record for the Band with the largest Fan Base with over 800, 000 official fans. These fans span all over the world and the offical figure is deducted from those persons who pay to be an offical member of the fan group dedicated to DBSK, called Casseopia. Â To put that into MUSE perspective, Muse have "Members: 161,343"
  11. Â Just found some proof. Â Considering they pulled in over $130 million in the last year, it's not surprising that U2 is the biggest selling band in the world. Â According to Forbes, AC/DC was in second place with $114 million, followed by Beyonce Knowles ($87 million), Bruce Springsteen ($70 million) and Britney Spears ($64 million). Â Rounding out the Top 10 is Jay-Z with $63 million, Lady GaGa ($62 million), Madonna ($58 million), Kenny Chesney ($50 million) and the Black Eyed Peas and Coldplay with $48 million each. Â Since when have Coldplay been bigger than MUSE?! Muse can sell out 4 nights at Wembley stadium in 3 years, Coldplay can sell out 1...
  12. I reckon what kind of music you listens to changes your thoughts, if you never listen to music like Busted, you probably wouldnt realise how famous they are or not
  13. There's always so much debate around which band is the best, who has the best songs, who's best live, who continues to surprise etc. But who has the largest Fan Base? Its clear that Muse have The Best fan base, but who has the biggest?
  14.  Ive got Bliss CD 1 and Hysteria DVD single which, with reasonable offers, could end up belonging to you  The Bliss Single is the original CD that was bought when it was first released, it includes the music video for Bliss and 2 other songs (The gallery and Screenager (live), which is a pretty sweet live rendition!) also, Bliss has an extended outro in comparrison to the OoS version.  The Hysteria DVD single includes the Music video, the Making of Hysteria (The making of the video, not the song) and a complete gallery. Also includes the audio for Hysteria, and a live recording Live at MTV2.  Both CD's look like they could've just been made.  Sensible offers please If you're interested, PM me
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