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  1. Those stripey trews really do make the perfect peachyness all the prettier... Need to go running with him. I'm training for a 10k, if he was jogging along in front of me I could run for hours and hours...
  2. Packed and ready to go... Will try and get as much Wolstenhot as possible and will post the best off LCCG and the 2 Wembleys next week... May well try and hang around for the footie too (depends what time it is Sunday) be nice to Doris and keep the TT warm for me xx
  3. the traffic was horrendous and got cut up and had bumped off the M60 and had to take a detour down the M61 to Bolton. Luckily it was only a few miles out of my way. Not a confident driver on motorways at the best of times as I live in the back of beyond. So driving into Manchester was a tad traumatic was shaking when I checked in! Now however I just have a hangover lovely on the day of the gig!!
  4. How am I meant to concentrate on packing now??? *wanders into tart tank muttering inconprehensibly about broad shoulders and chest hair and waving hand in direction of suit case in the hope that she's suddenly aquired some Harry Potter-esque powers and it'll pack itself* Don't know how near to the front I'll get but will once more endevour to bring the PCT some Wolstenhot goodness
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