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  1. Well, I unexpectedly received the album today ! :stunned:


    So, besides the fact I'm glad it didn't get lost on the way, I'd like to complain about the mess it's been and the complete nonsense this whole thing is.

    I'm aware ppl managing or moderating this forum won't be able to help but I hope the many unsatisfied comments from fans will allow to improve things in the future.


    First, my album was shipped on November 05. The album has officially been released on November 09. I received my PRE-ORDERED album on November 19 - 2 damn weeks after shipment and 10 days after the official release.

    What the hell is the point of pre-ordering an album if I'm getting it 10 days after the damn random person buying it after stumbling on it by chance while shopping ?


    What the hell about customer service ? It's just silence. Is there anyone on board or is it just a dead end ? Lame from Warner to behave like that.


    No Brexit here, the album was shipped from NL. 7€ for that. Wow...


    On a side note, I don't understand why when pre-ordering the album I get to download new singles released up to that date but cannot get to download any new single released after that ?!

    Also, why couldn't we download the full album on the official release date so we could enjoy it, even if the ordered physical copy was still on its way to me ? Are you willing to stop ppl from illegally downloading or not ?


    When pre-ordering, I long hesitated between Amazon + their low shipping costs and here (official webstore) with higher shipping costs. I voluntarily picked the official store thinking the margin would be higher for the entire Muse "business" than via Amazon and therefore voluntarily payed more for the shipment.


    This is not the first time I pre-order from Muse store but the first time this happens. To be honest, I'll think twice before ordering from the official store next time. It's been quite a shitty experience, totally unacceptable and quite amateur.


    Finally, I'd like to highlight the fact I'm not an isolated case as I've seen many other fans (from Belgium as it was the located "sponsored" ad) complaining about not receiving the album neither.

  2. I presume they do know what they're doing. They must think more casual fans attend on the first night than the rest (which is flawed logic to begin with, especially if those are the tickets that go on sale first). On the flip side, if they remain consistent with night 2 getting more varied sets than night 1 etc at least they are making their intentions clear. The problem is, they haven't been consistent at all.


    Especially when fans have access to pre-sales...

    They must know they're doing that shitlist on the precise day fans from the official board come.


    And I'm picking the "shitlist" word intentionally because I was there on Saturday and throwing at me USoE, Starlight, Madness, UD and Revolt one after the other is definitely not the best thing to do. Also keeping Dead Inside and Madness in the same setlist is kinda stupid IMO because they're both songs with the exact same structure.

    Lucky us we still got PiB, Hysteria and TiRO, and they always keep KoC to close the gig.


    Also, as I was in the standing floor area, I must say the crowd has been particularly disgustingly bad. Only a few of us was jumping around and singing. The rest was just standing still and barely dancing a bit. I even stopped jumping at some point because I thought I was pissing off most of the people around me.

    I also got feedback from a few fans they got punched + random elbows because they were jumping. This is crazy.

    Really the worst gig I've attended so far...


    Finally, I'm wondering if this bad experience is due to the fact it's a small venue and part of that first phase of the Drones Tour or not. I'm looking for the big stadium Tour to come back to Belgium and hope things will turn out in a better way than they did on Saturday. Went there with 2 friends for whom it was their first time attending a Muse gig and I must say I'm hoping they will go for another one later because it was definitely not the experience and memories I wanted them to keep.

  3. It's old now...It'll always be a fan favourite but with 7 albums of material playing stuff like PiB will mean that more recent singles will never get played. But these arguments have been had a thousand times here.


    Though PiB is probably one of the 2-3 songs (+ Bliss & KoC) making the whole crowd go mental each time. This song is really amazing played live IMO.


    It'd be a shame to remove it from the setlist...

  4. Okay, just verifying :) I thought it was weird for him to play teasers of those songs before Feeling Good.


    Anyway I can imagine the crowd being a bit more held back at Werchter Boutique. It's a shame because the large scale sing and jump alongs are what makes these gigs special. Everyone it's own preferences off course, but I think the labeling of the gig with werchter/ werchter boutique attracted more casual fans and random people looking for a music - themed evening, who not necessarily will take part in all the singing/jumping.


    Yes, it'd have meant "Hey losers, do you hear this? You won't get it today but this is what the crowd will hear at our next tour stop ! =D", which would have been weird.


    And you're probably right. After watching several videos taken from the back of the crowd, I now realize many came to the gig thinking it'd be like a 1-day festival (which was the case somehow in the end). A lot of people had a glass of beer in one hand and calmly watching the gig. They probably came to spend a good evening listening to some good music and "nothing" more.


    I'll think twice before going to such a gig next time. The crowd is a big part of a good experience IMO.


    Haha Xav we had the same thing. it wasn't until 2.45 we were able to drive at full speed, such a joke!


    Hehe :)

    I was so bored I had a short walk several times and came back to my friend's car only to tell him he should restart the car because we were soon going to move 5m forward...

  5. Attended the gig yesterday.


    I must say that even if organization once in the festival park is good, everything about getting to that place and leaving it was pretty messed up and shitty.


    Paying 15€ to park with no sign and no help at all for you to remember where you park your car is definitely not a good idea. I had the chance to park my car in a field really close to the main entrance, however I already had a really bad experience in the past when I parked really far from the entrance => impossible to see, remember, rely on indication to find where I was parked. And I think the same thing happened yesterday to many of us.


    In addition to this, it took like FOREVER to leave the area. During 2 hours, we were moving forward 5 meters every 10 minutes. 2 hours to drive 2-3 damn km.

    Even during the main 4-days Werchter festival, it's not as shitty as it was yesterday.

    I live 20mn south of Brussels and I arrived at home at 3:30AM eventhough I left at 0:05.


    Regarding the gig itself, SX was not really good. Singer a bit strange (reminding me of Selah Sue) while songs were random and not really good. I wouldn't be able to remember the melody of any of them.

    Balthazar was better from a music point of view, otherwise nothing special.


    Muse was good.

    The stage was really impressive and great. Happy we had the tour stage and not a random stage used during the Werchter festival for example.

    Fire effects, light effects, videos and all were good even if the heat of the fireballs were a bit too much because of the temperature already high enough.


    Setlist was OK. Not the best I've had but not the worst as well. Sad to see the new album forces the band to leave some oldies aside (MotP, SS, CE, ...). But that's the way it is.

    We got Feeling Good, USoE and Unintended, while I'd have preferred hearing Sunburn, Falling Down, SS or another oldie more worth it. (And NO, we did not have Falling Down as a press article mentioned.)


    I had the chance to be in the pit because we received a specific bracelet when we arrived at the entrance. They were also giving them to the persons entering the park at the beginning I think.


    The band was great. As usually I would say.

    I do not expect too much interaction between the band and the crowd because I know this is not something they're good at. I think Matt is rather shy and it is not his thing to do this a lot. I understand because I wouldn't be able to do better than what he does regarding this aspect of the show.


    Sad to see he's not playing as much guitar as he used to and even during the previous tour. Follow me is definitely not played on guitar, so OK. However, Unintended, Blackout and Undisclosed Desires are not played by him on guitar anymore which is pretty lame IMO. Chris plays the guitar part for Unintended and Blackout. As much as I appreciate him, he's unfortunately not playing this with the little extras done by Matt usually and doesn't seem to improvise at all. Especially Blackout and the way he played it for the Wembley Live DVD (which is the best version IMO).

    Hoping this won't become worse in the future.

    Also, it looks like 2 pianos on stage are not enough for Matt to play the intro of Newborn himself. Shame.


    Overall, the crowd in the pit was absolutely horrible. Apart from the first rows close to the stage, I felt like only 1 tenth of the crowd really meant to be there to see the band. I saw even some persons leaving the pit, after staying still and idle during most part of the gig, as if they were pissed because a few persons around them were too active, jumping and headbanging.

    When the band played their biggest successes (maybe not the best songs, but well...), almost no one moved at all.

    Only during KoC and maybe a very few other songs, the crowd was really singing, jumping and all but I was really saddened to see most of the crowd was just there, standing still. A guy spent the whole gig standing there and watching, arms crossed and mouth shut.

    I was almost the only one jumping and all during most of the songs. And I must say I felt quite alone and also thought the band would surely see it.

    As it was only standing tickets, I thought we'd have a more proactive crowd but it looks like I was completely mistaken. Dunno about the rest of the crowd behind the pit.


    All in all, it was a good concert but definitely not the best I've seen, especially because of the crowd, even in the pit and the overall organization of the event.



    PS: did not hear Apocalypse Please or Dead Star teasers before starting Feeling Good. I think he played random things before starting Feeling Good, which I thought was a mistake from Matt at first, but that's it.

  6. I've sent an email to the audio holder suggesting an open release with an aknowledgment before the download you have to tick to show you realise not to up the audio alone anywhere else or the vids to youtube for the Wembley re-issue.


    Thank you for trying to make this available to all under specific conditions.


    I might be dreaming about what we can do nowadays, but wouldn't it be possible to make each copy of the file unique because of a reference number or so included in the file ?

    You'd then ask for an address or email address or forum account (then you get the IP address linked to it). So if the file, the video and/or the sound is uploaded somewhere, you could identify who uploaded it and then, enjoy hunting him/her down and do whatever you want with him/her.


    Dunno if that is possible... :)

  7. Maybe im being stupid but when will the muse members presale codes be released? And where on the website will they be?


    Or do you think we can only see them once they announce the other dates?:stunned:


    When you log in on the main page of Muse.mu (not forum), click on the "Members" on top right of the page. Once done, you should see a text saying "Your code: blablabla". :)

  8. Can't remember if I posted something here in the past months or years...


    I'm glad to see this finally reaching its release. :)

    I have been checking this thread every now and then for months now, hoping you wouldn't give up after all these months.


    Congratulations for your hard work.

    (and hoping to possibly get to see it :p)

  9. Hey guys,



    Interested in buying a few tickets in pre-sales for the belgian gig at Werchter (I know it's not the festival).


    Could anyone tell me how many tickets maximum I can hope to buy in pre-sales?

    Trying to get a few friends to come and it'd be nice if I could buy like 3-4 tickets in pre-sales, instead of getting 1-2 and then praying to get 1 or 2 more when official sales start on Friday.


    Thx in advance ! :)

  10. For some reason I'm not as crazy about this song as everybody else seems to be... I think I'm getting there though.


    The first time I heard it, I was like "hmm... Wtf is that ? Why is everyone so excited about it ?". After listening to it a few times, I now surprise myself singing the part of the guitar solo and then "blblblblblbl", then "your suuUuUuUuuUUuupremacyyYYYyyyYYYYYYYY !!!!". :LOL:


    This song is a lot closer to what they used to do (I mean OoS and Absolution). I think that's why everyone just so loves it. It's a mix of heavy riff, calm guitar solo, falsetto. It's like Matt wrote this song to be a way of telling all the misbelievers "stfu, we can still do all that".

  11. Oh, misunderstood your question, then. To be honest, I haven't heard anything like that, but I don't think so. If anything, the studio version will sound a lot more orchestral.


    Nah, my bad. Really. :D


    It was a comment in one of the threads, but can't remember which one and wouldn't be able to find it among the thousands of comments. :p

    But yes, you're right. I guess songs would be more orchestral, not more hardcore. :)



    Edit: Ah come on, I didn't know there would be a hidden track. Where did you get that from ? oO

  12. There was never a song that was supposed to sound like CE, only a song that used the CE live riff in some ways. And it appears that Supremacy is that song, since its riff bears similarities to that CE live riff.


    And out of all the songs we've heard so far, I'd say Supremacy is at least more hardcore than most of the other songs.


    Oh ooookay. Sorry, didn't remember word for word the CE thingy.


    I think I've messed up my question about the more hardcore song. I meant : Is Supremacy the song supposed to be more hardcore on the album than how it sounds live ? (read that on the forum here yesterday or the day before)

  13. Don't you just love the gesture Matt does with his hand at the end of the first crazy supremacyyy riff :awesome:


    It's like 'there you are bitches. Thats what you wanted wasn't it? Don't ever doubt us again'


    Exactly my thought.

    It felt to me like he meant "Now, shut up about us not being ourselves anymore and also about those misbelievers who were doubting about my falsetto". :LOL:


    Now, is Supremacy the song supposed to be a CE-like one ?


    And is Supremacy the one a lot more hardcore on the album ? Or am I mixing different songs here (Animals ?) ?

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