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  1. Hi, yeah I still have the ticket. If it was sent recorded delivery to Belgium it should arrive within 5 days, or 2 days if sent by Airsure (which is the post office's name for their fast service). I think the recorded would be about £7 for postage, the Airsure £8, and the Airsure is tracked. It was delivered last week, so it could be posted Monday morning. If you would like it please let me know as I'm going to have to put it in eBay or something soon if no one wants it here. x

  2. Hey, are you still selling that ticket? I live in Belgium would it get to me in time?

  3. The photo ID thing is a bit of a nightmare. I spoke to Ticketmaster and they told me to speak to custom services on another number. I called that number and when I got to the 'talk to a human' option, there was a message saying that they were unable to take the call due to high call volumes, and it disconnects. So up to now, you can't talk to customer services. Ugh.
  4. Is anyone else in the situation where they don't think that they can even try to buy a ticket for this? I have no license or current passport. I hate touts as much as anyone, but this system is pretty unfair. I would kill to see this gig, but I don't want to be unable to get in if I did get a ticket.
  5. I didn't realise you could only use the code for one date, so it looks like I'll be trying to get London tickets in the general sale. I forsee that going well! (It's still a good system though, at least I got a ticket).
  6. Sounds amazing. Glad you had an awesome time, wish I'd been there. I suspect queuing in Manchester is not going to be that much fun (although I know at least a few people from London are going to be there ). Will be thinking of everyone tomorrow night.
  7. Awesome gig, and it was great meeting so many people off the board. Can't really pick favourite moments because I might just ramble on for hours (although most annoying moment goes to the people behind me who talked throughout Explorers ). Looking forward to seeing thoses who will be in Manchester.
  8. How's the queue doing? I've just been offered a standing but have to go to Shoreditch to get it. :/ Edit: Question answered before I asked it!
  9. Not managed to get hold of a ticket. Gutted. To rub it in, my room looks out across to the O2, which is just cruel! Be thinking of you all tomorrow, hope you have a good time.
  10. If anyone finds themselves with a spare standing for this gig, I'm willing to give up my firstborn at this point (or, failing that, at least buy you coffee!). Can't believe that even after all this time I haven't found anything under £150.
  11. Yeah re the seats thing, any time after doors open. From Piccadilly Gardens you just walk through the city centre down Market Street and follow the signs for Victoria Station (the station is below the MEN). Or you can just get the tram, I think from PG you want the line heading towards Bury, but it's been a while since I was in Manchester so you probably want to check that.
  12. It's The Joy Formidable. Here's a runtime list for anyone who didn't get an email from Ticketmaster this afternoon (since when did they send out emails like this?): Doors: 18:30 The Joy Formidable: 19:30 Interval: 20:15 Muse: 20:45 Finish: 22:30
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