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  1. Hi fellas, I got The Deluxe CD edition Of The Album, After listening 5-6 Times i can say that Simulation Theory is definitely better than The Drones , a little bit better than The 2nd Law , i think it is as GOOD as The Resistance. 7,5 /10 . I hope it will grow on me , i got The CD from mail today . Great form from The boys ...
  2. Hi fellas, I got my copy from amazon german site , it came to me via UPS express postage . Album is on my desk right now and i am very happy . I will listen to it tonight on my hi-fi audio deck , and i will post my review here later. Peace...
  3. I got the double 180 gr. gatefold vinyl of the new album on October 1 st here in Turkey from my local music store. All i can say it is great. Who else got the vinyl edition of the new album ?
  4. Hi fellas, I just wanna share with you my happiness with you. My friend, who works in a local record shop here, phoned me 2 hours ago and told me that CD version of new Muse album arrived to the store today, so i ran and i bought the standard CD version of the new album. It is released here 2 days before the original release date so i am sooo fuckin' happy... I will also buy the CD/DVD version of the album and later i will get the vinyl of the album. Muse rocks !!!
  5. Selam d&r bornova forumdan 33 TL.ye CD+DVD li versiyonu aldım 3 hafta önce ve iyi ki de almışım.
  6. Selam The Resistance 'ı alan birisi var mı,ben normal CD versiyonunu aldım,DVDli versiyonu alan varsa ,DVDli versiyonu almaya değer mi ? Teşekkürler.
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