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  1. *UPDATE* So we won round 1 but unfortunately now against Tokio Hotel in round 2. Currently down miserably (14.5% muse, 85.5 th) Direct link: http://www.mtv.com/content/news/2012/musical_march_madness_2012/matches/mmm_2012_rnd2_mtch10.jhtml There are tactics out there to avoid getting locked out -- 20 votes max at a time, at least 5 minutes apart, etc. -------------------------------------- Hey, who wants to vote in another meaningless fan-frenzy poll? It's that time of year again... Muse is against Gym Class Heroes in this round. Just click their bracket to vote, 4th one down on the right. It seems multiple voting is allowed, for those with nothing better to do http://www.mtv.com/content/news/2012/musical_march_madness_2012/
  2. *Update* -- Happy_Mondays has clarified -- Muse not w/ them for May dates in So America, but here's their latest tweet: @Happy_Mondays dont know where the fuck our agent got it from but just heard from Muse they aint playing until September.... (not that we can trust HM info of the past few days but...) Ha! Looks like album #6 will be out by September if they will start touring then!
  3. Yes, most sites reporting this are basing it on the original Happy Mondays tweet. But there's an extra detail in a Brazilian article, that claims the HM were scheduled for Rio in March but HM asked that it be moved to June or July due to Muse still recording their album then (venue refused, no Rio date). Regardless, the dates for the HM (according to HM twitter) are Argentina 5/25 & Chile 5/26. Whether these are with Muse or not, we'll see. The HM twitterer (no clue if it's actually Shaun Ryder or not) still claims it's w/ Muse.
  4. As always -- grain of salt, don't shoot the messenger,.... Can anyone verify this? From the Happy Mondays' official(?) twitter page: Eh, Happy Mondays? - now that's a blast from the past! *If* this is true, assume they mean they will be the opening/support band for Muse. No indication when this would be, but they talk about a new gig in Prague in late June so I'm guessing summer also for this. Sounds fishy to me, but then again these could be nice warm-up gigs... edit: someone asked 'are you sure about Muse?' & they responded 'no'. So there ya go -- tentative or wishful thinking on their part, you decide
  5. Exo 3 was the music for Jeremy Abbott's win at US Men's Skating Nationals today! NBC announcers and online commentators said the performance gave them shivers or brought them to tears, and I agree! Abbott is apparently a Muser, as he said he chose the music himself "from his ipod" and co-choreographed the routine. About the music itself, Matt's voice was replaced w/ guitar which sounded cheesy as hell but is fine in the context of a skating competition that's so heavy on traditional classical. Here's the performance: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=CVvtkPIhUJI
  6. And while I'm on a roll.... http://www.efestivals.co.uk/forums/topic/167189-muse/ Muse at Sonisphere 2012, according to upcoming NME. FWIW, these dates are not that farfetched. Coldplay did several festivals this summer, and their album came out just a few weeks ago. Album release dates don't mean a thing in a time of itunes singles coming out 6 months in advance, just sayin'. But still, grain of salt.... ~sigh~ this is what happens when you waste your day waiting for in-studio twitpics.
  7. This from the "it's never too early" files -- So even though Muse just started recording, there are already rumors of new gigs! http://rockerparis.blogspot.com/2011/11/metallica-madonna-rolling-stones.html "Metallica , Coldplay, Muse & more @ Stade de france next year... The Rolling Stones & Muse are likely to play in Sept 2012....." Don't shoot the messenger, I know this is just some random blog, but hey, this is the Speculation thread after all...
  8. Yay for spamming polls! Heh, this win is getting Muse some odd press. This morning, local classic rock station did a countdown playing bits from each song. Started with "who's Tool?" "can't hear the bass" on My Generation or Metallica, they thought Money should've been #1 (I might agree), spent 2 minutes listening to Rush cuz "it's so badass", & then finally Muse -- had no idea who they were. But then they played the intro & the announcer says "Never heard this song but THAT is one killer bass line".
  9. Oh my, that audio is amazing -- I'll be ripping to mp3 immediately after downloading the dvd. From your message, I'm not clear if you'll be using this source for the entire dvd, not just the missing OoS songs? Because this audio sounds waaay better than the BBC's to my ears. And while I'm here Liam, eternal thanks in advance for making this dvd -- your editing skills are incredible. Tom better watch out!
  10. Fact: Exogenesis I guitar solo totally sounds like Dave Gilmour.
  11. Naw, I know you're just being rhetorical, but they're not confused. They know they gave hardcore fans what they wanted, did it brilliantly, but have made pretty clear that it's a one-off, both in interviews and at the concert itself (saw in gigs thread that Matt said 'thanks for putting up with us' at one point during OoS). With that article's view in mind, is it any wonder that only the hits portion was shown on BBC? Face it people, even in the UK the casuals have won. Muse know it well, given the setlists for this tour. I just hope that they keep at least 1 or 2 slots in the future for rarities (coughDarkshinescough).
  12. Great pics here -- http://drownedinsound.com/in_depth/4143422-in-photos--muse-leeds-festival-2011/photo/1#photo  Just curious (since we're on the subject of Muse family members), photographer is "Gary Wolstenholme" -- related to Chris?
  13. You are most definitely paranoid. :LOL: Naw, it ~is~ a somewhat noticeable influence but no ripoff. I hear Muse in other songs and vice versa all the time. Last one lately was Musey goodness all over Daft Punk's Tron soundtrack. But really just posting to say I like your mashup of both songs at the end. Benassi could prolly make a decent remix for Muse in the future.
  14. Ooh, board drama! (where's the popcorn smilie when I need it?) I would agree this place is due for a reboot. Best of luck to the applicants.
  15. Wilstenholme! So let me get this straight -- Matt has left the band, Chris changed his identity, & Dom doesn't even exist. Wow, so glad I've got these websites to keep me current with the latest Muse news :rolleyes:
  16. LOL! In his own passive-agressive way, Dom sounds like he didn't much like those chords Matt presented to him, if he's trying to heavy them up already! BTW, no sense paying attention to any of this, the album is still a loooonnnggg way aways.
  17. Now that's fucking impressive. A little more info here: http://www.forbes.com/profile/muse Earnings of $35M from May 2010- May 2011. They grossed $76 million on 63 shows during that time -- $1.2 million average gross! That doesn't even include the Fall 09 European tour. Hey at least now we know how Matt could afford a certain large precious stone But what got them their high rank isn't money but their social & web rank. Also explains how $90M Gaga got #1 over $290M Oprah.
  18. About last night, I missed the stream & sexyplane, but this review claims Matt played a bit of Ravel's Bolero during CD/USoE. Did anyone hear Bolero? Although I suppose if you use lots of imagination, the main chords of USoE could vaguely resemble Bolero... http://musica.terra.com.br/noticias/0,,OI5065250-EI1267,00-Muse+mostra+por+que+cresce+mais+no+palco+que+nos+discos.html
  19. Thanks to tofu & a-museing for the extra interview details. Nothing earth-shattering, except when Chris, ever the diplomat, danced around why they won't play NSC. He can't quite say, "b/c it sucks!" can he? Here are some additional web articles which I only skimmed (someone else will have to translate, sorry)-- Chris' "board meeting" with contest winners: http://www.si.clarin.com/Siempre-gusto-transgredir_0_454754527.html Some mini-reviews of 3/30 concert: http://www.si.clarin.com/musa-diagonales_0_454754529.html http://www.clarin.com/espectaculos/musica/aplanadora-soporte_0_454754560.html Also, Matt & Dom were interviewed by mtv latinamerica on the day of the Pergolini interview. Does anyone know if it's aired yet? Pics: http:// http://yfrog.com/h2wj0qfj
  20. They talked w/ Chris for a bit, but he had a bad connection so they had to go to NSC. Briefly, before connection was lost the host said he went w/ U2, Dom, Matt & 'managers' to tango show, but why didn't Chris go? Chris said he was tired, catching up on sleep since he has a 5 month old at home. Also talked about supporting U2 (it's easier & more relaxed to play 40 min than their usual 2 hr show). They are now trying to get Chris back on. ETA: a-musing beat me to it!
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