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  1. My mother is a violin teacher and sometimes she plays with her students easy Irish songs that include this "fiddle play" - so that's why I asked. Although: frankly, it's not that easy as it sounds sometimes ...

  2. Hi ! Studying an instrument is like a "family tradition" - there never had been a discussion about it. But all this playing classic stuff makes you a bit dumb - you only learn how to play what other people composed decades ago ... so no, I can't compose myself (I really have no idea how Matt does that - Magic !) But since you're from Ireland (sorry if this sounds like a clichee): you have your own tradition of playing the violin, especially in folk music, don't you? And since you've started as a child you must be pretty good as well, right? Too bad there are no violin parts in any Muse songs - maybe we should suggest something for the next album?

  3. Hello, I started playing the violin when I was 4 (almost everybody in my family is a professional orchestra musician). Later I studied it at a music school in Germany - which means that I only can play classic-stuff, nothing cool (like, say, Muse ...). But on the other hand I recognize all these bits of classic in USoE, for example. How about you ?

  4. Hallo,


    jetzt muss ich mich aber doch mal melden (sorry, dass es erst so spät ist) aber die Kombination aus Muse und Doctor Who findet man in Deutschland ziemlich selten !


    Dafür muss man sich einiges einfallen lassen - Respekt !

    Und wegen Konzert Berlin Admiralspalast - Neid ! Ich war leider zu spät dran ...

  5. Hi,


    thanks for your message ! I still struggle to find the right posting-buttons to answer - how can there be so many links and klicks ?

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