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    Lived a pretty normal life - until I heard "Time Is Running Out" for the first time ...
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    Journalist - which means that I get payed to judge and criticize people who play and sing better than me (life's not fair - I know ...)
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    Showbiz, Origin of Symmetry, Hullabaloo, Absolution, Black Holes and Revelations, H.A.A.R.P, The Resistance, Singles - did I miss anything ?
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    Since 2003: Concerts in Cologne, Hamburg and Berlin
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  1. When you listen to "Stockholm Syndrom" - the HAARP-Version, on CD - there is the riff of "Psycho" during the little jam-session at the end (around the time of 5:50). I wonder if Matt keeps those snippets they play during their live-shows stowed away in some sort of "awesome riffs"-cabinet? And one day, they become full-grown songs...
  2. Thank you so much for posting this! I'm getting all nostalgic ...
  3. Gallifrey7

    Funny Moments

    On our way back from the gig on Saturday while we were waiting outside the station, there was a guy in his car listening to KoC - he even opened his door so we all could listen to it (though the volume wasn't turned up to the maximum). Many thanks for that!
  4. It's too bad I can't seem to play music that I enjoy more or less a teacher. It's hard to find that is emotionally charged as far a solo's go...:( Cheers!

  5. My mother is a violin teacher and sometimes she plays with her students easy Irish songs that include this "fiddle play" - so that's why I asked. Although: frankly, it's not that easy as it sounds sometimes ...

  6. I agree! Although, I'm actually not from Ireland. I said that to be safe.

  7. Hi ! Studying an instrument is like a "family tradition" - there never had been a discussion about it. But all this playing classic stuff makes you a bit dumb - you only learn how to play what other people composed decades ago ... so no, I can't compose myself (I really have no idea how Matt does that - Magic !) But since you're from Ireland (sorry if this sounds like a clichee): you have your own tradition of playing the violin, especially in folk music, don't you? And since you've started as a child you must be pretty good as well, right? Too bad there are no violin parts in any Muse songs - maybe we should suggest something for the next album?

  8. Wow. Well, I started when I was ten. I've been playing for six years. My great-grandpa played in a symphony for a state...hahah I sure as heck am not as good as you! My favorite type of music to play would probably be comtemporary pieces (I'm not that familiar with classical (Vivaldi?? or no?) or really any other type and am therefore, rather illiterate. Why did you study only classical music? Was that all you could take? Why, if you were able to choose classical, did you study it? Do you compose your own music?

  9. Hello, I started playing the violin when I was 4 (almost everybody in my family is a professional orchestra musician). Later I studied it at a music school in Germany - which means that I only can play classic-stuff, nothing cool (like, say, Muse ...). But on the other hand I recognize all these bits of classic in USoE, for example. How about you ?

  10. You play the violin...I do too! Very cool! How long have you been playing? What genre of music do you playing the most?

  11. OK, I think now it's time to spice up this conversation a little bit: call me whatever you like - a Cybermen-hugger, a Dalek-upstairs-carrier or that I look good in a Slitheen-suit - but I'm sure that (although I still don't like the "Geronimo") Matt Smith is gonna be a fantastic Doctor who has the potential to even outshine Tom Baker ... So: who's with me ?
  12. I'd like to burn that guy who convinced the "Doctor Who"-team to change "allons-y" in "Geronimo" - is this some freakin' Western ?!
  13. I'd say that whoever was your first Doctor influenced you the most. So for me it will always be Christopher Eccleston (the moment in "Rose" when he speaks about the earth turning and moving through the galaxy always makes me dizzy).
  14. Und ich dachte, dass man die Kombination aus Doctor Who und Muse allgemein nur sehr selten findet. Sieht aus als hätt ich mich geirrt. Irgendwo gibts ne LJ Community, wenn ich die wiederfinde, sollt ich der beitreten. Du kennst die nicht zufällig?


    Mit dem Berlin Konzert hatt ich echt Glück. Musste erst um 11 auf Arbeit sein, und die Tickets gabs ja ab um 10. Bin dann trotzdem n bisschen später auf Arbeit gewesen, war's aber total wert!

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