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  1. Looks like people are coming from all over to see them in Philly! If anyone wants to try to win tickets, and a private performance!, radio1045.com is having a contest: http://www.radio1045.com/pages/sharemuse/ Have fun at the show everyone!
  2. Appears that one of my ticket sales has fallen through, so I still have 1 GA ticket for sale for $70. Pay immediately thru paypal so I can get it mailed to you in the next couple of days, or it is available for payment and pickup in the Bristol, PA area. Please PM me if interested. Thank you.
  3. People are flaking on me again, even my husband, mainly because it's too far to go on a Sunday night, waawaa, so I will be posting 2, maybe even 4, GA tickets for sale on Musebay as soon as I get them in my hands this week, hopefully. Or you can PM me now if you're interested. Thanks.
  4. I went! Really enjoyed the show, Metric & SSPU were great, and the other bands were good too. Never seen a concert at Penns Landing before; liked the ampitheatre-style setup, great view and close to the stage in that first level. Fun stuff: the kooky, Mario-bros-looking, wine-bottle swigging, keyboard/ACCORDIAN player in Against Me!; and the crazy mosh-pitting along the tiny 3 or 4 row deep barrier area (gotta love Philly; at least they're not standing there like frozen statues). RUSH is next! I remember someone here said they were going (at Susquehanna, July 21). Watched their new documentary DVD on Palladium this weekend. Excellent, must see if you like them.
  5. Hi! Finally, after having to do work, Tom Petty presale, going thru over 100 emails, more work, school play stuff, chauffeuring and dinner: WOW! I got squooshed, slammed, knocked down a few times, kicked in the head by a person being carried out over me, etc., got to dance and jump up and down, and it was AWESOME FUN! Muse rocks! Husband watching from seats said there was a mosh pit; would love to see a video of that. Oh no, someone stole your camera, Susquatch, that sucks. My camera strap broke and the batteries and sd card flew out too when it hit, thought everything was gone for sure, but thankfully a nice person used his lighter to look around the floor and we found everything! I thought my phone had been stolen at one point, but that’s a long story . (thank you so much for letting me use your phone, Kate, and your M&G story was very interesting.) It was great meeting you in line Cassica, wondervale, and Kate. Cassica should have some really good pics, maybe videos too, to show us, but she is going to the Baltimore show today, so we will have to wait. I asked up and down the line for you a couple of times, megan, with no luck; I hope you made it and had a great time! Did the people in seats manage to find each other and meet up at the Pavilion? Had a great time! Can't wait to see them again!
  6. --For those who will be riding the Sexy Plane here are some members you can follow on twitter: http://twitter.com/patday79 (aka thegodsleepingonthejob) http://twitter.com/HitomiAdrien (aka Adrienne) http://twitter.com/threesunrises (aka dawno)
  7. Thanks, I'll add that. I'm trying my best to head out now. I hope nobody minds if I delete my crazy posts from last night, plus I won't be able to add anymore to the list after this. Hope to meet some of you there!
  8. You're right, Siouxz, you will be hard to miss. Looks great! I could edit the post I made at the beginning of the thread to list the twitterers (tweeters?) That way people could refer to a list that will stay in one place. Is that ok with you thegodsleepingonthejob if I put your twitter @ there? Anyone else who will be twittering, post your address, and I will add it (at least until I leave tomorrow morning).
  9. I just got an email from the radio station about Muse tickets and meeting Muse and there's more info on their website: http://www.radio1045.com/main.html http://www.radio1045.com/pages/promo/where_its_at.html
  10. Yes, I asked the guy who called me back and he said that the regular, non-pro, cameras were ok. That was the 3rd person there I talked with this past week or so that said they were ok. I always watch what they are doing to people going thru the line and ask, if necessary, before getting in line to get in anyway, just to be safe.
  11. It was an on air contest: when the radio station played a Muse song, be the 104th text we receive, you win a pair of tickets, then out of those people, I think they drew for a limited number of meet n greets.
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