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  1. Is the link to the Psycho notation transcription on dropbox wrong? Other than that, super cool!
  2. The latest response I got was: "All prices stated on the website are tax inclusive in accordance with EU rules on selling to non-trade customers. This is known as the retail price. The tax element within that price depends on a number of factors such as where the supply of goods are made. This means that the price paid by the customer will always be £39.99, and the company supplying the goods will pay the tax as applicable in accordance with EU rules. If sales are going outside the EU this means that the tax will be zero. As the goods will be supplied outside the EU, the price you pay is £39.99 with £0.00 tax." Sounds like crap to me. Not sure why the tax exclusive price would change depending on where it's sent. Why should I pay £39.99 + tax (£0.00) + shipping (more expensive) + maybe more tax when it arrives here, when people in the UK pay £33.32 + tax (£6.67) + shipping (cheaper). It doesn't make sense, but I guess I'll do it. Not much choice! Just seems wrong!
  3. I have a question for people ordering Drones deluxe version from the UK store. How much did you end up paying excluding any shipping? For the UK, it looks like the price is £39.99 including VAT (of £6.67). Since I'm ordering outside the EU, my price should be £33.32 but it's coming up as £39.99 even with £0 tax. Incidentally, the Swedish price is also £39.99 including VAT (of £8.00, i.e. £31.99 excl VAT). The store help reckons the price is £39.99 excluding VAT, so my question is has anyone ordered from the UK and been charged £47.99 plus shipping? Or from anywhere else in the EU? Anyone outside of EU? Trying to work out if it's best to order from UK, US or AUS (although Australian store doesn't mention that the HD download version is included so I'm hesitant).
  4. You say that, but it's not obvious to all. I've seen other limited edition preorders sell out and plenty of people complaining that it wasn't fair!
  5. Unless it sells out, surely? It is limited edition after all.
  6. Looks like the box set is sold out on the Australian site but still available everywhere else. I notice the australian site says "Limited Edition" but the other sites don't really mention that at all. Is there any difference with the version on the Australian site? I just ordered from muse.mu, but is it the same deal as with The Resistance box set? If I remember correctly there was a limited edition that was numbered and had a 5.1 DVD and then later just the regular box set with the DVD. Is there anything missing from the version you can buy right now on muse.mu compared to the version you could buy from the Australian site but is now sold out? I hope not!
  7. CD quality is 16 bit, 44.1kHz so the FLAC version is a hi-res (i.e. higher quality) version. The question is if you have anything to play it on that will take advantage of it.
  8. I think it's still not too late for something to be announced!
  9. Does anyone know where I might be able to get 2x GA tickets, preferably Sydney? I'm still holding out hope that they'll come to NZ but if not, I'll have to try and come over.
  10. So, no one's heard any substantial rumours? I'm looking into Oz now, but I'm afraid I've left it too late to get tickets. We'll see... Who's the promotor for the Australia tour?
  11. I'm really hoping so, but when would it be? I'm away from Auckland on the weekend before the Oz shows! So I hope it's on the 29th or after... It could be mid-week, I suppose? There's only a few days in between each city around Oz. Even Melbourne-Perth only has 4 days, so I'm picking 30th and 1st at Vector.
  12. You think that's bad? How about no one in New Zealand who ordered the 50 Limited Editions set aside for that region getting one? I would rather have the 5.1 disc and no sticker than the sticker and no 5.1 disc
  13. hey


    yeah i ordered mine from the aussie site. It was supposed 2 be the one with the 5.1 dvd but got that email and got refunded. Pretty pissed though. They said the computer had made an error as to how many they had so some of us missed out.

  14. Are you hte one that got the 5.1 disc but no sticker? Are they sending you a new box (i.e. just the box?) or the whole set? I wonder what will happen to your 5.1 disc? I could care less about the sticker, I just want the 5.1 disc but my "Limited Edition" turned out to not be
  15. I really thought they'd come up with something better than that. As much as it sucks, I think I'll be sending my box back. Simply because the 5.1 disc is the only thing exclusive I thought I was buying. The vinyl is cool but not worth the $80 in my opinion. What you say is true, but I guess it's the same for the Aussie store? And they got 150 out of the 200 promised I think? Did NZ get any?
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