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  1. Yeah have to agree with this. Looooovvveed the show in Webster hall, but I was surprised they didn't bust out a hyper music, or even the small print because they were doing some abso in the US. Perfect venue for that type of song, tho the floor may have collapsed lol
  2. Yeah, so that ended up being sort of a let down. Matt's vocal delivery just feels so forced on so many of these songs (and has for the recent albums). I guess that ends up turning me off to it a bit as the songs don't flow as well for me. For me, typical muse album of late. A few songs that keep me interested, but not an album I can listen through beginning to end.
  3. Do love the guitar version but sunburn from the last tour sounded excellent. Sunburn is truly the muse song with the most longevity. I really like the synths they added. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=lDKsE3D6rSc
  4. Was that the guy with the long blonde hair? He was to my left near the end of the gig. At the time the splash of water when he threw it in the air felt good (I was overheating!). My wife and I have both been battling a lingering sickness too this week. I.jist attributed it to be in a group of a ton of people, sweating, exhausted and then walking around outside soaked.
  5. Lol okay. Maybe you should have just gotten in line earlier because up front I cherished the time to catch my breath because it was so crazy.
  6. My voice the last 2 days after the show disagrees. People were yelling at the top of their lungs around me.
  7. Actually very surprised TSP didn't make a showing.
  8. By the way, based on the t-shirts, these shows are also part of the psycho tour
  9. Wow, just rolled back up to my house in Delaware, still drenched, ears ringing. Great concert, the crowd was nuts and it seemed like the band had a great time. Loved the songs, wish there were a few more rarities in place of songs like starlight, hysteria, etc. But it was awesome to hear AP and The Groove. New stuff sounded great live, Reapers surprised me because it was just okay for me on YT but sounded excellent live. Phew, great show!
  10. Doesn't seem like it right now, maybe 2-300 lined up tops
  11. Line isn't too bad, but wrapped around the block!
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