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  1. Mann mann mann bin ich aufgeregt wegen Rock im Revier Ich höre seit Wochen Dead Inside rauf und runter und tue mir schwer nicht herum zu tanzen und zu singen wenn ich es unterwegs höre Könnte passieren dass ich ohnmächtig werde wenn sie es live spielen
  2. Ich bin wieder daaaaa  Meine Begeisterung f Psycho hat mich dazu gebracht hier mal wieder vorbei zu schauen. Und zum Glk! Dank euch hab ich gesehen dass es f Gre Hle jetzt Tagestickets gibt und 69 Euro ist ja voll bezahlbar
  3. Nice present Though I'd have prefered something new. I assume we won't get that Resistance live dvd anymore so they could have given us a little part of this .... But okay it's nice though
  4. I never cared about Kate Hudson and I never will. Who knows, maybe we'll get some Lullabys on the new album? Although I hope that little thing won't dissuade them to come to some festivals this summer ...
  5. I'm forced to hear Resistance, Starlight and Uprising every day in French Radio. Don't know why but I don't like it. This radio popularity sucks I think. Sorry. I just don't like Muse being played after Lady Gaga and before Tokio Hotel (that really happened when I was in a shoe shop wednesday... )
  6. Love it. Favourite News in the last few months Though I really hope he doesn't mean something like Guiding Light. I have to say that I'm a bit tired of this space high sound. Maybe it could become something like back to the roots. I hope so.
  7. Sounds like he/she/it was on more than just one Muse concert. And that was really the first time he/she/it saw Morgan? Thats weird But all in all very nice
  8. Who the fuck is Sir Patrick ?? Do I have to care about what he says?
  9. Thoughts Of A Dying Atheist and The Small Print. It really seems like I finally recognized Absolution is the best album Muse ever made.
  10. Hey :)

    Naa, meinst du du kommst irgendwann mal dazu, was zu posten?? :D


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