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    Unemployed (legally disabled).
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    Manic Street Preachers, The Horrors, Rammstein, Joy Division, Neutral Milk Hotel, Patrick Wolf.
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    12th November 2009 - O2 Arena
    11th September 2010 - Wembley Stadium
    28th August 2011 - Reading Festival
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    Sins Of Envy
  1. Nice Envy chibis. xD hehehe.

  2. Bliss... or Plug In Baby... or Butterflies & Hurricanes... dammit, I can't choose. :'(
  3. Upon first listen I was reminded of 'Invincible' (which I hate!), but 'Guiding Light' has really grown on me & now it's one of my favourites. I can understand why some might dislike it, though- it is a bit soppy.
  4. 'Unnatural Selection'. I've found it quite hard to properly get into 'MK Ultra'.
  5. No problem, I adore lyrical tattoos. X3

  6. Hmm, 'tis so-so. ;) Thanks for the add!

  7. I'd be all for it in London, would drag my best friend & brother there too.
  8. Heya. Thanks for the nice comment on the tattoos page about mine. It means a lot. Good to have nice people on the threads.



  9. Hello Hope life is good:p

  10. Danke, I wuv that pic of him! X3 You should make a sig! x

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