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  1. Easy. What are the lyrics to "Execution Commentary?" I think a lot of people want to know.
  2. Please tell me I'm not the only one here going to San Diego Showbiz: Showbiz OoS: Hyper Music Absolution: The Small Print BH&R: Knights of Cydonia TR: All of Exogenisis? . HAARP: Butterflies and Hurricanes Hullabaloo: In Your World Zone 1 Although I think this is awesome, I still want to do the singalong meet up with a crowd.... any chance that could happen? We should DO do that!!
  3. YKYATMW you scream in joy, out loud, in front of a bunch of people that came to your school, because someone played a wicked cover of KOC on piano, then Resistance, then Sunburn in front of you just to "show people what real music sounds like". Also, when you and your friend laugh like crazy when people are saying so many sentences with resistance in them. And then you sing the song, and other people join, and you have this face on -->
  4. Heehee, I try putting them in as many things as possible for school and public junk We have a school band thing (School of Rock, I know ) for every month, and they play at lunch. The guys that are in it sometimes play little tunes of Hysteria or Time is Running out and whatnot but quickly change to what they're supposed to play. Hmph. Stupid teachers with their songs. But my Language Arts teacher thinks they're awesome. Lucky person, he gets to see them in Coachella, but he promises to give me pictures of them when he gets good ones. Buuuut.... I don't play any instruments so yeah... it sucks that I can't play songs. People can bring their guitars to school to play at lunch or whatever, but sadly, I can't cause I dunno how to play. And the best thing ever.... we get to paint a picture for advanced art of our idols, and since I couldn't really think of anyone my art teacher told me to do a musician. Guess who's doing Matt Bellamy now... I dunno why, but I'm a heckavalot better with his pictures than doing Chris or Dom.
  5. My God, ANYWHERE that's around California.... Or in California itself. Or in LA, you know? Or you know.... it could be a month of pure signing all over the continents. Imagine how happy the world woud be.
  6. Hm.... most of my friends know absolutely about them. -When I did a project of Matt in English, one of my best friends said he looked hideous. -One just got converted into loving them by me showing her KoC and Futurism -One got into Muse the same exact time I got into Muse because we were in the car when Hysteria came on. -And the weirdest one was my friend that fell in love with Matt Bellamy's TiRO shuffle when I emailed it to her. She emailed back about 20 minutes later saying that she's already addicted to the songs she's heard. And that he's one of the hottest guys ever. (he IS the hottest guy ever, it's just that hardly anyone thinks so when they first see him! ) My mom and dad drop the "30" and "ugly" bombs too, but they both love Muse, which is totally awesome. Same with my brothers (my younger one teases me about liking Matt and Dom >.> ) But the weirdest thing was that most of my aunts and uncles already knew Muse about 3 years before me (they all listen to rock/alternative stations) and said that they're absolutely awesome and really talented!!
  7. It's alright, I found it like, 10 seconds after I replied anyways, haha. Thanks for making the group! :D

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