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  1. I think it has a lot to do with that sort of short and sharp syntax. Although I believe it can be used to describe film.

  2. succinct works, but its not the word I was looking for

  3. na, i remember it being a word I've only ever heard described for literature :/

  4. I have lost the word I am trying to use in my Fight Club essay. It means the style of writing where you are short and sharp, to the point, don't use excess information, etc. Halp?

  5. It's fucking disgusting.

    The UN sent complaints to our government.

  6. I've obviously never talked to you about New Zealand Internet before. Basically we have a "skynet" law, which is like mini PIPA or SOPA.


    If they suspect you of torrenting something, you get a strike. Three of these and your ISP cuts off your access + fines and potential jail time. My friend has had one strike for downloading E

    Rihanna, and no one in his family listens to Rihanna. You are guilty till proven innocent, and it's nearly impossible to prove yourself innocent. they can only track torrents though.


    Secondly, New Zealand internet is about 5 years behind the world in terms of speed and data packages.


    So 1) I'd need a stream

    2) I'd have to have to be lucky enough to be able to load said stream

    3) I'd rape my Internet usage if I did this.

  7. My sister watched it for years and I did think it was a silly cartoon. But then I got really into it :LOL:



    No I haven't, and we are going back to basic tv Son I probably won't for a while :(

  8. Do it, there's no comparison

  9. Have you got the actual CD? Quality is so much better..

  10. You may have noticed I only really get into bands on my own accord (I do try when people tell me to!)


    But yeah, I'm getting quite into Massive Attack. So what Portishead(/Trip Hop) would you recommend?

  11. Think so. And na.


    OH NO MAN THAT SUCKS. You should get a tan. I gave someone a tan the other day.

  12. Not really :erm: I'm not very reliable anyway

  13. I think today will see the end of most of that drama I talked to you about a while ago (maybe), so alright I guess.



  14. Surely that statement applies to anything, ever?:p


    I mean I could do that... But I dont have a webcam or anything and my computer is absolutely awful.

  15. I love Edgar Wright, probably the only mainstream filmmaker I do (except Aronofsky if he counts). And my sister and I started watching it, cept dad wanted to watch something and sister didn't really like it so I was voted out-long story short, I have no idea who Wallace is.


    Take up rock climbing. It involves stabbing rocks. It's about the manliest thing you could do, and it'd be a Great way to exert your pain :p

  16. I wouldn't say that, I don't fit the role of the player very well. I'm closer to that gay friend role :p


    Shit man I'm sorry :( at least you know where you stand and whatnot but it still sucks.

  17. Lolol I was fully one of those douche bags you see in American films.


    Yes please :D

  18. Good bastard.


    I am now officially a German chick magnet apparently /ever so slightly drink

  19. Also, you should be listening to Pepe Deluxe

  20. I'm not excusing her doing that, but I can sympathize, its easy to fall into the trap of acting on half feelings (but still stupid).


    Tell her straight up to sort her shit out, because she's not being fair, then give her space.

  21. Ahh.. after being on her side of this sort of thing, I understand why she said that sorta stuff. Although generally i try to be as honest as I can, and wouldn't stopped anything before it happened. But y'know. Pretty shit on her part for fucking you around, I just sympathies cause she sounds pretty confused. It'll be hard but if she won't talk to you, and you've tried to get her to, then it's not even worth devoting your time or energy to

  22. Oh aye? What's been happening?

  23. procrastination and shit.

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