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  1. I've barely touched rock music at all this year :/

  2. Meh, I got over NAO really quickly :/

  3. Oh joy, oh joy :/ I actually find my marks do better when I'm down... Although I don't have diagnosed depression (you do?)


    One person said something I couldn't be bothered replying to.

  4. Oh ho and why might that be?


    No one really responded.

  5. Well there you go, I posted.

  6. Well is your life any better? :phu:


    Mehh I just don't have the time.. :/ Seriously, I go to school sick as a dog because I can't afford to miss anything...

  7. Everytime you talk to me, nothing new (or at least good new) has happened in my life. I have become more emotionless and empty though :awesome:

  8. Maybe you need to tone down the aggression?



  9. You don't have a dog :shifty:


    Make a flowchart!

  10. Ghandi wasn't that bad.


    Well now you have time to work, soo..

  11. Oh dear I'm a horrible person, I thought I'd replied.


    Drop out, get music lessons, work hard, apply?

  12. Oh my. I forget what you were doing...

    What do you want to do?

  13. (for being on break)

  14. Well actually I'm beginning to realize that I'd probably hate any career that came out of it, so...

  15. Just pianin' and physicsin'

  16. Acting happy for people is somewhat sickening.

  17. In other news, the answer to your question: Probably Software engineering, but I want to be doing something with film as well...

  18. No, they're mutually dependent.


    Indeed I am.

  19. It's just a part of my film.

  20. I am writing a script, realized I didn't actually know what I was writing about, and wanted to check.


    Mmkay. Thank you.

  21. Writing a script and need to keep it as accurate as possible. If you don't maintain the required grade average for your uni course (not specifically your course, any course), what exactly is the process that follows that?

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