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  1. Woah weird timing (kinda, if you call 12 days later 'timing'), first time I've logged in for like a year.

  2. Hey man. Would you be willing to me a large favour?

  3. In hindsight, it's really not that weird. It may have seemed weirder because I was somewhat inebriated and sleep deprived.

  4. Also, I was served by a girl in a bar who looked like you, and it was weird.

  5. Oh hey man. Shit, yeah, it's been a while (I guess at least a couple of months since I logged in). What's been going on?

  6. What is your facebook name, then?

  7. Yeah man, I'm like, an adult and stuff now.


    And na, I have a windows phone, I don't think its in their app store :/

  8. University is hard.

  9. I've just moved to my uni student hostel. It's a really strange experience so far...

  10. Yarp, thanks bro!


    What's been up?

  11. rank.


    Yeah I think I'll get it then.





    This is such a good reply

  12. With another mac?


    I do not pay for apps. I think I only have two apps as it is.


    like, oh. my. god. heat =/= sunburn though.

  13. :phu: :phu: Not at all true:p One of my (not quite friends, but it makes it easier to call him that) going is ridiculously poor. His dad is a professional brass band musician (which pays shit), and his Mum is pretty unqualified as far as I know - they have 4ish kids. He's been working 6 days a week, 10 hours a day apple thinning to be able to afford it, though.


    :( Shiiit man.


    And na, I don't, but I can get one of them

  14. I know, just being melodramatic :phu:


    Well its too late to change halls now, but I don't think its the rich bitch hall :unsure:

  15. Many before you have tried.


    But I never have it open. let me know when you want to and I'll come on :p

  16. Na, just over it. First potentially non-messy-actually-good-for-me thing pops up and she would of course be moving to Canada :p

  17. Think I might just start fucking men.

  18. I have skype now, how 21st century is that!

  19. Sammy would like me to inform you that his internet is down, and he'll bother you tomorrow. Oh and he loves you, and would make love to you even if you were a vampire.

  20. I'm actually the sober one. I decided to let them have my phone, so soz about that.

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