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  1. Thanks for the help guys, will do that
  2. Do you know if anyone from the main site works on / reads the boards? Would be good to ask them to put it back, was a good way of remembering them all
  3. Hi Niall, cheers for the reply. Meant on the main site - when you used to log in and go to the gig archive bit it would give you a list of all the shows you'd previously confirmed attendance for, can't find it now though. Saw the gig last night (brilliant) and was asked how many times I'd seem them - can't remember off top of my head but thought the info would still be up here somewhere (don't log on very much); hope it's still around!! Cheers, Mark
  4. Hi all. Can anyone tell me where the previous gigs attended list has gone please? Think it used to be shown when you looked at archive section but can't see it now. Cheers, Mark
  5. Quick question and this is the closest thread to it... Am sure I'm being blind but where did the list of previously attended gigs go? Haven't logged in for ages and now can't find it. Can see how to add this years but not how to bring up the list of old ones. Thanks!
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