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    A knight what says Ni while listening to Stockholm Syndrome at top volume. AKA HopeSuffocating
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    Running from the past
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    Listening to Muse, reading books about conspiracy theories, lol'ing.
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    Being clinically insane.
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    Nine Inch Nails, Radiohead, My Chemical Romance, AC/DC
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    Monty Python & the Holy Grail, Teh Corpse Brideee
  • Favourite TV Shows
    Blackadder, Friends, CSI.
  • Favourite Books
    The Hunger Games.
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    The Resistance, Absolution, and Hullabaloo with Showbiz, Origin of Symmetry, HAARP and Black Holes and Revelations on various other formats.
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    Wembley 11.09.10
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  2. Thanks :D

    Have a happy birthday whenever it is :party:


    Happy birthday! Hope you have as much fun as I am on mine ;D <3

  4. Is that carl the llama ???

  5. You guys are so talented! I wish i could draw like you guys.. We watched Madagascar 2 in History on our last day and I spent the whole time drawing pictures. Everyone around me was like, "Emily, stop drawing Muse!" I didn't
  6. Yes! This is exactly what I thought when I first saw it! I love Matt, he's so short
  7. When you make up a Muse joke in the car but no-one gets it. When you have 75 posters on your ceiling. And they stare at you everynight while you sleep. :L When you are in the kitchen and the rest of your family is watching TV. New Born starts playing and everyone screams at you "EMILY THERE'S NEW BORN ON THE TV IT'S MUSE IT'S MUSE IT'S MUSE!" Even my parents know most of the lyrics to most of the songs xD
  8. I've hardly been on here at all in ages BUT! I was doing jewellery making as my Curriculum Inhancement Week activity, and this girl decided to put on Undisclosed Desires. I screamed and everyone kinda looked at me. I was just saying all the way through things like: RANDOM BUMSHOT! Love those shoes IT NEEDS MORE CHRIS! everyone thinks i'm a lunatic now I am
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