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  1. Will this be the same for Teignmouth if you're still posting them both at the same time? And yes, I am still eager to see it
  2. Teignmouth? hahaha im just guna keep bugging every time i hear Liam's releasing something hahahaha Good work with the Reading dvd, i was extremely impressed.
  3. The download finished this morning and am currently seeding. I would just like to say a big thanks to Liam, Paul and everyone else who was involved in making the DVD. I'm really looking forward to watching it as soon as its been burnt. Just a quick question, will the Teignmouth & Casino de Paris dvd's be up soon? (Not being pushy, just wondering) Thanks again.
  4. fantastic. cannot wait! was a fantastic show. Can't wait to re-watch micro cuts. Well done for capturing the screen, the Darkshines edit looks brilliant Where did you manage to record it from, i can only imagine the VIP centre sound tower would be the best angle to capture it.
  5. ah fantastic! i've been looking forward to seeing the Teignmouth dvd.. thanks in advance for the work you've put in and your generosity.
  6. still not giving up hope for this one lol any news?
  7. well, it is the run up to christmas, sooo there's obviously other priorities to come first like work & family. looking forward to seeing it though. thanks again!
  8. Nice one, very good effort seeing you had limited angles for that song! i look forward to seeing the rest, keep it up!
  9. thanks alot man, really appreciate this! awesome quality aswell. well done!
  10. *bump* should be good if its released on the anniversary of the show!
  11. DVD still going strong? & the movie? havnt heard from that in a while either! keep up the good work!
  12. my god! i actually cant wait anymore tis guna b amazin!
  13. i'd just like to say thanks for your dedication & commitment in making this awesome bootleg! not many people would be bothered to make anything like this for anyone else. i look forward to seeing it!
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