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  1. For people asking advice on where to stay, you could stay near the O2, but if you stay in the centre, the metro is just over 10 minutes' walk from the stadium and that runs until just after midnight. There is also a train that will take you to Hlavni, the main station for the central touristy areas. Public transport in Prague is relatively cheap compared to the UK. Hope this helps those wondering what to do.
  2. I did get an onscreen confirmation after I had entered my address. I can't recall what it said, but it was a clicky box option in the bottom right hand corner to confirm to purchase. Make sure you keep a Google translator window open to help you!
  3. Done it! Thanks to bizarre for the extra guidance with the address information and to Google translator, and transaction completed successfully. I have also received the confirmation e-mail, much more efficient than when I have booked Muse tickets over here in the past.
  4. Not speaking Spanish, but using the wonders of Babelfish, I think a rough translation of that is that as your card is not a Spanish one, you need to turn up at the box office with your card and proof of ID when you collect your tickets. Edit: Charming Queen beat me to it! I'll ring my credit card company shortly to see if anything has been processed before trying again.
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