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  1. haha you're right, it looks amazing, absolutely perfect for a Muse gig! They should get Muse in to do a special opening gig when it's ready!
  2. I can't picture that for some reason! I thought it was just in the same position as in that photo except without any of the seating. Can you describe where the stage would have been in that photo from Wednesday night?
  3. haha, his roadie must have written the name of the wrong city on the back of his guitar And about the SECC, everyone I know has always complained about the sound quality no matter what band they went to see. I thought it was ok, I couldn't make out some of the guitar parts at times but I thought that was maybe because of my position. Occasionally the vocals were a bit unclear too but I think that was more because everyone was singing along so loud. I agree that Isolated System felt a bit drowned out, it was pretty unclear and felt a bit weak with all the background noise. It would have been great if The Hydro had been open in time for it but obviously it's still a fair bit of time before it's ready.
  4. I was at the barrier just to the right of Chris' podium, I would have liked to have been a bit closer to the middle but I had a great view of them whenever they went up there and it was well worth it to get a handsake from Matt! How was it at your spot? Was it pretty lively? I'll need to go a bit further back next time so I can take in more of the show, both times I've seen them at the SECC I've been at the barrier.
  5. The roulette is purely to build the tension and excitement for the fans cause we don't know which song is going to come up!
  6. I'm the same, I can never make out what Matt says when he speaks during a gig tbh! I agree, the laser show during madness was brilliant, I spent most of the song watching them! Whereabouts is the stage usually placed in relation to where it was last night? I've not been to the SECC that often.
  7. Great gig tonight. I managed to get to the barrier just to the right of Chris's podium and I was lucky enough to get a handshake with Matt when he came into the crowd during Undisclosed, made my night! I love Host and it would have been amazing if they'd played the full song. A lot of people proabably wouldn't have known it though! I was looking forward to Falling Down so I was a bit disappointed they didn't play it since I saw RBS at Wembley. I would have liked hysteria as well, but I also wanted MOTP so I suppose you can't have it all. Interesting how Matt's giving more of his guitar parts to Morgan to do and concentrating more on the singing, like the verses in Starlight.
  8. I went down pretty early the last time to get to the barrier. I went about 4 or half 4 and got a spot no bother. I don't know if I can be bothered this time, I might want to try a different viewpoint. It's a helluva long wait considering doors aren't till 6:30, the support don't come on until 7:45 and you've still got to wait until 9 for Muse. The time goes very slowly!
  9. The November 2009 concert was my first Muse gig and I was well excited before that as well and couldn't sleep. I was counting down the weeks from the moment I got my ticket!
  10. I was at the SECC today and I asked the woman at the Information booth about the times. She said, Support on at 7:45pm, Muse on at 9pm, finishes at 11pm
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