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    Ticket prices

    Its interesting, If Muse charged £50 and touts were charging £120 some people would pay it....but people are put off by the price of £85. Don't get me wrong, I definitely think its wrong for it to be above £60 a ticket, especially when the support acts for the recent tour have not been of a high calibre. We used to get great bands supporting whilst paying much less. Hopefully they realise that this is absolutely top whack and prices out newer younger fans. I would never have been able to afford it back when I went to see them loads.
  2. It'd go something like this in my dream world.... Apocalypse Please Hysteria Showbiz Map Of The Problematique MK Ultra Uno Deadstar Citizen Erased Space Dementia Bliss Assassin Micro Cuts Muscle Museum Stockholm Syndrome Plug In Baby The Small Print Fury Unnatural Selection ----------------------------- Knights Of Cydonia New Born Other people haven't read the idea of the thread, 20 songs!!!
  3. I'm good. I don't understand this whole friends/messaging thing...are you on fb/myspace?

  4. Well i used to be registered as nickpalaceh but now use gmail more than msn, so signed up using gmail account.

    Anyway, hello! How are you? I'm still trying to catch up on sleep after Saturday night!!!

    What a gig though! You got home safe then?

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