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  1. Two reasons I wont pre-order the vinyl. 1) It should come with the option to dl the 24bit versions of Psycho/Dead Inside & the full album upon release. Anyone ordering the vinyl obviously cares more about quality. The 24bit version of 2nd Law was leaps and bounds better than the standard cd 16bit version & no one should really have to pay for the album twice to get a superior sounding version. The same superior master should simply just be used for all versions. 2) Regardless of multiple emails and conversations to/with many different people when The Resistance box set came out... no one ever took care of my damaged vinyl sleeves/inserts. I apparently wasn't the only one who received them damaged, but I appeared to be one of few who never got it resolved/replaced. Still pisses me off cuz I bought the limited deluxe with the 5.1 disc and got treated like no one gave a crap that it was damaged. I won't go through that again.
  2. Â It's not that it's annoying, it's because I don't have the means to even take pictures without making a trip to borrow a camera. It's not worth the trip without any offers.
  3. Anyone interested in my Resistance Deluxe w/ 5.1 disc (#3520)? If so, feel free to PM me with offers. When making an offer, keep in mind that it's an out of print limited edition and in excellent condition. Vinyls have never been taken out of their sleeves. Photos can be provided based on the offer. Naturally I'm not going to take the time to do a bunch of pictures for someone who offers me $10, lol.
  4. A week since my email to Sam and no response. Same as what happened for months after I received the box set. I should just download the new album for free, since I can't get shit for support on my previous $100+ purchase and never have.
  5. Email was sent, but considering I did try my damndest way back then, I can at least hope. It just pains me every time I pull out the box. Thanks for your help.
  6. From what I read, several people were certainly not satisfied with the resolution. They got Muse badges sent to them as an apology, or replacement sleeves that were more damaged than their original set. I will send a PM directly to Sam and see what happens.
  7. Who where those people? I'd like to find out EXACTLY who they spoke with because after several months of emails, I never got a single reply, ever.
  8. I guess none of the 80 viewers thus far bought the last one, lol.
  9. Is anyone who got The Resistance Deluxe set with the vinyls damaged still going to purchase The 2nd Law Deluxe set? Personally, I'm torn between a yes and no answer. Yes because I love Muse, but no due to the extremely poor service I received for the last damaged set. After tons of emails to all sorts of people, I never got replacements. Not even the vinyl jackets alone. I'm STILL pissed about spending the $$$ (I even got the version with the 5.1 disc) and getting ZERO customer service whatsoever.
  10. What's up there? Hope all is good:p

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