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  1. Woo-hoo I got tickets....almost missed out (been having lots of bad luck lately) but it changed and I'm going to the show!! Couldn't get floor, got section 111 but not really concerned with where I sit because at least I'll be there.
  2. Thanks . If I don't get them then I guess it's just not meant to be. It's my nieces 18th birthday that day so I'm really hoping I luck out.
  3. I think that will be a good section, the catwalk is probably there for that reason. You got the ticket they stole from me (I hit continue and it said I hit the back button) I think your seats will be fine. I've seen muse in further away sections and it's always been good.
  4. Pre sale is now sold out...I should just start going to shows alone, seems easier to get one ticket lol congrats to those who got tickets (everyone but me?) wish me luck on the 23rd
  5. Well it's been an hour...might be time to just throw in the towel and try on the 23rd...
  6. I'm still trying til it says sold out but it's not looking good. Stupid iPhone It just gave me two tickets in section 16 but then said I hit a back button and hit basket to continue but there was no place to hit basket. Im on a roll today
  7. The site wasn't working on my phone because it wouldn't let me select number of tickets, by the time I got on through my computer it says sold out
  8. Does anyone know anything about the opening band Bear Hands? I've never heard of them, wondering if there worth checking out
  9. Well they just responded to me saying enjoy the show! It says to be there by at least 7pm so I'm assuming I'm a guaranteed entry and should get in (I feel scared to get my hopes up) I am one of the most unluckiest people in the world so the fact that I won this and got Webster Hall tickets...I feel like something bad will happen lol
  10. If it was 48 hours to respond I would have been so upset, I keep checking my email to see if they responded yet and to make sure it's loading and working
  11. Well it said I had to respond to the email before May 6th 12 noon so I didn't think I was that close to the wire in responding, and it did say no earlier then 3 but people don't really pay attention to that, I've been to lots of things that say no line up until a certain time and people are always there beforehand lining up. The email said for guaranteed entry respond before May 6th at 12 noon so I guess I have to wait to see if they send anything back.
  12. My email on my phone wasn't working and I finally got it to load and saw that I won, I responded to the email but I'm worried that responding this late might put me on the stand by list. I also will not be able to line up all day so I guess I have to wait and see what happens. Those on standby how did you know you were on standby?
  13. I was there Saturday for The Used and club night was going on downstairs, you could hear the music a bit when it was quiet and you could feel the vibration but it really wasn't bad and that show got out at 11 so even though it's a club night it should be fine
  14. I truthfully do not know how I got tickets....it said invalid code and I was about to refresh on my phone when I noticed the menu to choose amount was there. It makes no sense, that Presale was super frustrating and even though I got tickets I still think it should have been handled better and every code should have worked
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