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    matawan nj
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    all kinds of sports..must stay active. beach, bass guitar, concerts, tattoos, ny jets, good food, bars.
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    work, school.
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    ill listen to just about anything..rage against the machine and muse top the list.
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    forrest gump,avatar. jus to scratch the surface.
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    the office, survivor, its always sunny
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    anything school requires me to read for now..
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    all the full lengths
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    was at the mtv show..second row! and goin to msg march 5th!
  1. i would never. ive been to plenty of those shows. im the first one to pick ur butt up off the ground, as opposed to trying to hurt someone. i have to agree i think that media/hand held devices/pics/vids are a contributing factor. everyone is focused on getting the perfect shot. i fail to understand why, as i dont take any pics/vids, and im able to see great stuff anytime i want on youtube. way better than anything id ever be able to record lol. put the camera down and live in the moment!
  2. i think im ok with that. i was more so looking for a reason/excuse for the lethargy. the BLAH attitude of everyone around us ALMOST ruined it for me!
  3. anyone else on here in the GA EAST section notice the 4 guys going absolutely nuts ??? everyone around them was standing around TRYING to enjoy themselves and they were bumping into everyone jumping head banging and getting in the way, having WAY too much fun. one of those guys was me. so wtf happened musers!? standing around? shielding our girlfriend? no dancing? UNACCEPTABLE. every muse concert ive been to thus far DEMANDED jumping, dancing, singing on the top of your lungs..etc. needless to say we did not let the boring mood of those around us, slow us down. we rocked the F out, like it was MSG 08. there were a couple stragglers, who u could tell they WANTED to join us, and they even did for a song or 2. rock on. that set list was epic. from start to finish. if you saw us, i look forward to your comments, as im pretty sure we pissed you off. besides the fact that we were heavily under the influence of drugs and alcohol (not necessarily in that order), that is still no excuse to be standing around with little to no movement at a MUSE concert in general admission. shame on you.
  4. i have an extra GA EAST ticket if anyone is interested. best offer / most desperate takes it.
  5. looking to trade 2 Ga west for 2 GA east...im sure this sounds absolutely absurd..but willing to include some cash on the deal..i just wanna get closer!! anyone that can help me out let me know! thanks
  6. i will be attempting the pre sale like the reast of u...and prob come up short since last time it sold out in like 5 seconds.. if anyone is lucky enough to get general admission tickets and wants to throw an extra one in there, i will pay fo it, and be eternally grateful!!
  7. SSPU time on their website is def tentitive. if theyve been going on at 7:15 theyll prob be going on around the same time at msg. as for your sign i would wish for showbiz all the way. but from ur choices darkshines or citizen erased..i think they still get down with bliss every now and again so it wouldnt be toooo much of a surprise..good luck!
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