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  1. Hi. Could you possibly delete my account? Thanks.

  2. Oh jeez, I haven't been on the Muse board for over 5 months. Â Anyways, the show was amazing! I was really impressed by the setlist. Lined up for 8 hours and managed to squeeze onto the right side of the barrier. Â I didn't realise how tall the stage was! I know the pillars are fairly tall but the actual stage itself was fairly high as well. I couldn't really see beyond Chris unless the pillars were slightly elevated. Plus I'm 5 ft 1' so that doesn't help with the height thing...
  3. I haven't seen either in person as I saw the band at BDO this year but when I first saw footage of the towers it simply blew me away. The pyramid is epic but I'm really happy that Australia is getting the towers instead.
  4. :D


    So you got tickets to the first sydney show right? :awesome:

  5. No. For anyone worrying about age restrictions, there won't be any. If there were it would have been the touring company or whatever's responsibility to tell us before tickets went on sale. I mean, for a band like Muse playing these arena venues, it'd be silly for them to have an age restriction and very unlikely.
  6. Yay for Coldplayers! :)

  7. I would love to see The Living End live again! They were amazing when I saw them play at Sydney Entertainment Centre. Not a big fan of Wolfmother to be honest. I like Eskimo Joe, I went to their gig once but it was kinda boring. The crowd was so dead and mellow, definitely not suitable for a Muse gig.
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