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  1. I can't believe how good Reapers and The Handler sound. Also loving the production on those two songs as well, everything is pointing towards this album being great. Also: The Handler > Reapers > Dead Inside > Psycho > Mercy
  2. Hey, sorry if this has already been pointed out, but I noticed that on both the CD and DVD Supremacy has a small, high pitched, digital "hiccup" around 4:10 (on the CD track) You can also hear it on this Youtube video around 5:23 http://youtu.be/T8R2ltXi4pQ?t=5m19s Just wondering if anyone else has heard this noise or if it's just my copy?
  3. Last night's gig got me hopeful for 1st June, but even if they don't play any rare songs I'm sure I'll enjoy it nevertheless. I thought most songs from the set sounded better than normal last night, but that might've just been me I definitely need to see them in a more intimate venue if they ever do another gig like SBE again though. The smallest place I've seen them at is Manchester Arena
  4. Definitely, I think it's a nice change, adds something to the song I was thinking that at first, but it's almost like a synth with the unstableness of a Fuzz Factory He's definitely changed something in his rig, that tone was effing thick!
  5. I was watching the iTunes festival broadcast Sunday and I noticed Matt's guitar tone sounded different from normal for the intro of SMBH. What kind of effect would produce the weird synth sound heard on this video from 30:45 (especially at 30:57)?
  6. I was amazed by Muse at Leeds on Friday, I was at the barrier and apart from one or two technical glitches that the band couldn't control, the show was out of this world. It was my second time seeing them (First time being at LCCC) and I'm so glad I got to see OoS in its entirety, especially Hyper Music and Bliss
  7. Don't want your forgiveness :'( You went away again!


    Wot bout RobTheLlama,imo it's cuter!


    Didjoo see the UFO at Wembley?Woah! :eek: Total awesomeness!

  8. :') I forgive you :D


    And I don't know, it was just a name that came to me and seems to be easy to say :p

  9. Can I be the keeper of the rising UFO stage during Undisclosed Desires at Manchester LCCC on the 4th September 2010 and Unnatural Selection at Manchester LCCC on the 4th September please
  10. I'm just still buzzing over last night, it was absolutely amazing! It was the first Muse concert I've ever been to and it was everything I expected and a whole lot more! I can't wait to see them again, it's like an addiction now
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