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  1. So, I've discovered that products at my job are pretty ripe for Muse parody:
  2. I'm surprised the shop does not contain window clings. I'm going to see if I can't find some elsewhere. It just seems such a normal item for a band store to contain.
  3. Is there a thread for Muse hacks? I can't find any one the boards anywhere. If anyone is confused by what I mean by "Hacks" It would be when something is purposely changed to represent something new, in this case the new thing would have some connection to our beloved band. For example: I found an oppourtunity earlier for this: Anyway... just a quick example, and I was wondering if there was an existing thread on this.
  4. Dh? Where I come from that only means designated hitter, but I'm sure that's not what you mean. Dear Husband? Dark Harlot? Also, I'll check it out.
  5. Oh, I know who the twilight thing connects to Muse. Trust me, we allll know that, and the long your on here the more times you'll find your fellow members lamenting that fact. It just strikes me as funny how someone can like a story as Mature as Phantom and be attracted to the other side of the spectrum.
  6. When I order mine, I'm going to print my Forum name AND password on it. Wait... maybe not.
  7. Book1.zip I don't know if this will work, but I took a few minutes and made a spreadsheet of the GA Pit. I figure, maybe this is a fun way to find where we all where. Just fill in a box (each box represents about one person) of where you were standing in the pit, and we can see where we all are. P.S. I don't do much file attaching, so chances are, this won't be successful. Sorry.:$
  8. Anyone else find it slightly humorous how many different ways "Gwinnett" is being spelled throughout posts, media etc.? You could tell who ever wrote the article took their time to look up the proper spelling of our beloved bassist last name, however not the name of the arena in which they played in. It makes me chuckle almost as much as something that happened at work today, which I'll share: A person bought a hamster, then went to McDonalds, where their daughter proceeded to attempt to open the box to look at the hamster and let it escape into McDonalds. Then they came back to the store and got irate when we wouldn't replace it for free. Fools. :LOL:
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