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    Anime, Reading, Philosophy Food, Sleep, Pen Pals, Making stuff, all things Japan; language, street fashion etc and all things kawaii.
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    Geography Student
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    Dir en Grey, Linkin Park
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    Donnie Darko, Napoleon Dynamite, Velvet Goldmine, Old Boy, anything by Tim Burton, anything Studio Ghibli, Interview with a vampire, Underworld, Ghost in the shell etc
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    Don't really watch it
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    Anything by Terry Pratchet, Phillip Paulman and his dark materials, Harry Potter of course...I've read alot theres no way I can remember it all.
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    All de Albums!
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    Been to Wimbledon but oh so far away
  1. what is the anti new world order?

  2. Have anything to share and enlighten our fellow group members? Post it here. I should imagine the most popular video regarding the New World Order but I'll share it anyway; Wake up call - new world order http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=qX_qOaZmCFM
  3. I'll start off, I reside in South West England in Bath.
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