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  1. Sitting in Couchon Dingue... Can anyone tell me what security check was like on the way in at the first quebec show?
  2. Where is the spot to go after the show? Me and 3 other gents will be coming up from Halifax for this show, but we don't want the show to be the end of the night. Thanks!
  3. I live in Halifax, Nova Scotia, Canada. Muse have never come closer than a 10 hour drive and I will be seeing them or a 7th time next month....after another 10 hour drive. I even saw them in Dallas during the Resistance tour. I have been listening to Muse ever since Absolution and I prefer their earlier work. I would love to get some older songs. I am fucking sick of Starlight.
  4. Not quite American, but Canadian here: Jan 23rd will be my 7th show and they've never come any closer to me than a 10 hour drive. After seeing these setlists, this is the first time that I'm kinda regretting planning this trip. They're not playing to Muse fans, they're playing to people who listen to the radio. Seems like a self-fulfilling prophecy to me.
  5. It's not possible to tell from this video. I assume you're referring to his pick hand not moving, but this solo is all done with hammer-ons and pull-offs. There is no picking required.
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