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  1. What a hard desicion to make. Showbis: Uno Origin of symmetry: New born(, but Citizen Erased is also so epic. Argh!) Absolution: Hysteria Black holes & revelations: Map of problematic(and i like Supermassive blackhole too..Why!?) And soon I will want to change it again, but this is what I chose today.
  2. Opinion is like an asshole, everyone has one,right? From Absolution I´d say The small print and Thoughts of a dying atheist , they feel like fillers for the album.. Nothing unique about them. At first I didn´t like microcuts, but after a load of listening and a little lyrical help I found it on of the best in the album. OoS and B&R rules! I´m still missing Showbiz, so I´ll write my analysis about it when I get there...
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