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  1. Thanks for that mate never got the e-mail so was tearing my hair out but all sorted now
  2. flyinsi

    Dead Inside

    Hooray for Boobies :D
  3. was really impressed with Moriaty, will be keeping a lookout to see where they're gigging locally.
  4. What a gig. Thought my son was going to explode when they played the School Outro after Hysteria. Specially when I reminded him I'd seen Nirvana :D
  5. Tell them not to start early I haven't had me tea yet !!
  6. Ah right, sometimes you can be lucky that way, I'm still trying for 1 more ticket, was lucky to get 2 in the presale so 2/3 of our house is going to be happy at least !!
  7. I notice you're in Exeter vessel18, may be worth a trip to the box office in the morning. I know a friend of mine managed to get Royal Blood tickets @ Pavilions on the day. Good Luck.
  8. If anyone has a spare ticket then could they pm me about a purchase. I am going to the event anyway so will be able to meet and enter with you. Cheers Flyinsi.
  9. best to keep trying as there are always resales although I think you have to be extremely lucky with these gigs.
  10. Normally be able to park on campus or on road outside fairly easily.
  11. Think my sister in law will be buying about 5000 copies on Monday !!!
  12. Parking on campus is normally fairly easy to be honest. If not there are plenty of spaces along the main road. Showing my age now but I remember going to see them in the cooperage and up on the hoe !!
  13. flyinsi

    Psycho UK Tour

    Any kind soul from across the pond fancy pm'ing their code to me so I can try for a presale. I will try and get some muse sweat for you, can't say if it will travel too well tho
  14. Hello, Hope life is good.

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