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  1. Yep youre right. I read that too. Although i would not consider it a procamera especially with the tiny crappy kit lens. Did you have any experience on that?


    I've not really. Only ever take my phone to gigs, can't be doing with looking after other things whilst enjoying the music. Would destroy me if my DSLR got damaged!


    I also wouldn't consider it a ProCam, but to some it could be, all depends on how nice they are on the door I suppose!

  2. I guys! First time at shepher bush. Do you think i ll have any trouble bringing my mirrorless camera to the gig? Otherwise i think i have to go back to the hotel to leave it in the room.


    Im f***ng excited even though its the 6th time i see muse!!




    From TM email yesterday:


    "Please don’t bring large professional-type cameras, selfie sticks or Go-Pros."


    If you are at/near SBE then might be worth asking, just in case.

  3. Just had this through in an email from TM.

    General Ticket Holders Doors Open: 7:00pm

    No support

    Muse: 9:00pm

    Also, for those asking about emails, there is this too.

    Please remember to bring photo ID, your payment card and your order confirmation (ideally printed out, but on your mobile phone will suffice). All of these are VERY important!

  4. haha same, just about to go to work! i'm over in exmouth. heading down at 1 tomorrow, tho we went for seats instead so we didnt have to stress over being super short and undoubtably at the back...


    Good plan!


    Yep, I'm on the 12:42 from Newton Abbot tomorrow!


    Stalls here, but 6'2 so shouldn't be too much of a problem! :LOL:

  5. So... getting excited now!!


    I'm going on my own, I'm not bothered about queueing, but would love to get to a pub for a few drinks before.


    Is there any kind of official unofficial pub meet that we can organise for those of us that want to get a few drinks together can do?!


    It would be nice to have some friends in the pub rather than sit on my own! :LOL:


    Any takers?

  6. Had a reply...



    "That list is the final list.


    We understand. We are ensuring everyone has the opportunity to resubmit their votes and that it is fair for everyone.


    If you don't trust that we will update your set list from here, please let me know your confirmation code and we will reset it so you can vote again on the site."



    Sounds like they will not be doing a full reset.


    Asking them some more questions.


    I'm having fun with this Sarah/Nate/whoever... don't think they will be enjoying their job today.

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