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    I am who I am, it's all I would rather be
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    ....its just gonna be the same answer, lol
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    Still repeating...
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    Showbiz, Origin of Symmetry, Absolution, Black Holes and Revelations, Supermassive Black Hole CD, Starlight CD, Knights of Cydonia CD.DVD.Vinyl, Invincible CD,DVD,Vinyl and Helping you back to work with Muse's "balloonatic" on it
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    Aberdeen 2006, V Festival 2008
  1. Does anyone know the size of the full zip file when its downloaded?
  2. I click the download link from my email, wait for ages and it doesnt even connect to the download! I thought we lived in the 21st Century, not back in the dark ages of dial up download problems!
  3. Hey guys, just wanted to check if anyone else has had this problem. I decided to pre-order the album online for download rather than get sent the CD. I've got the email sending me a link to my download but its not connecting. It just keeps saying loading or problem with server. My internet is fine and Im about to email customer services. I know it possibly may be just many people downloading the album but I just want to make sure. Any advice?
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