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  1. I got the tickets I applied for, so I'm definitely going! 9-10 am to get first row?... I was hoping something like midday would do. We'll be driving 3 hours in order to get there, and I would like first row very much...
  2. Applied for reserved tickets. Wasn't sure on whether it would be easier to go from Denmark to Malmø or Denmark to Hamburg. Hamburg was eventually the choice because it's a saturday.
  3. Happy Birthday! :party:

  4. Seems like I r nub at livestream. the recording still isn't up. Guess it's not happening, and I don't know how to prod it into happening. As for the predictable beeftrain: This was a festival gig. Muse had 1:30 sharp, nothing more. They played the hits because that's what they reckoned the crowd wanted, and they were spot on. I don't know which festival you guys were at, but at Roskilde, everyone (besides you, apparently) went nuts. It was voted as the best gig at Roskilde. Muse called it their best gig all summer. Yup, they played feeling good. Where I was, people were actually cheering for it before there was even a megaphone on stage. When they played it the cheers were massive. Yup, they played the same old tired drab routine that win them countless "Best live act" awards. Guess they're just fools for doing that, huh. Yup, they wear silly costumes. A shame, why can't they take themselves seriously, as they want us to take their music. But I'll just call it quits here. This muddy beef is silly to engage in.
  5. What? I wasn't on air? Doh! I was in full-screen the whole time, so I couldn't see the chat that was (although it was very limited). I guess I only recorded it, didn't broadcast live. :/ I hope I have recorded it at least... It should be up in some time... Maybe some minutes, maybe some hours, I don't know. But it should be on the channel nonetheless. Although, to be frank, DR's streaming service is rubbish. The picture was grainy and choppy and the sound would sound as if an antenna was screwed in wrong or something... It's better than nothing, I s'pose. EDIT: Oh, and as for the songs played, it was the same ones as on the swedish radio last fall. Uprising - Kaoss Jam into Supermassive black hole - Map of the Problematique - Interlude into Hysteria - Stockholm Syndrome. DR's mixing goes from pretty good to oddly bad throughout. For instance, in Map you can barely hear Matt's guitar at all. I don't know why they decided to do that.
  6. Doesn't seem like too big of a request for streaming, but I'll give it a shot anyways. The stream will be up at http://www.livestream.com/musebroadcastglasto beginning in about an hour (23:30 ish danish time). The sound seems to be wonky, but it's the DR K player that's off somehow. I hope it goes away when Muse comes on, but I don't know.
  7. Trying to see if I can get the livestream set up that was made way back at glasto, so I might be able to stream this. :o Or in worst case, record it since livestream does that automatically. We'll see how it goes though, my computer isn't the fastest (old laptop) and my internet isn't the swiftest (dorm internet: Theoretically really good bandwith, but everyone is torrenting so it's miserable). EDIT: Seems like it's working somewhat. Is there any interest in me streaming? I'm only considering it because I don't think non-danish people can watch it live on http://www.dr.dk/tv/live#/DR%20K.
  8. It does certainly sound more like actual vocals, but I can't make sense of it regardless.
  9. Yeah, I just found out about this from a friend. At long bloody last! Will definitely be checking this out. I can't wait to see how the crowd looks. If I recall correctly, we were all beautiful!
  10. Knights of Cydonia Map of the Problematique Easily Crying Shame Most of the best drumming is from BHaR, imo. I don't like Assassin's drums though. Oh, and Endlessly is great as well. It feels so weird to play but it's awesome.
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