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  1. Yeah, I definitely agree with that. There was definitely a higher ratio of people who were going for the hell of it compared to other Muse gigs I've been to. The twats who were off their faces and stumbling into everyone fairly near the front were particularly annoying Nevertheless, Muse put on a great spectacle and it was probably the most impressive gig I've seen so far in terms of visuals and setlist.
  2. Best Muse gig I've been to so far. What a spectacle! Absolutely loved Dead Star, Blackout and Bliss!
  3. Any ideas as to when Muse will go onstage? And am I right in thinking that there will be buses running from the stadium to the train station at the end of the gig?
  4. The venue is on my doorstep but I can't find anyone who can go . Don't suppose anyone from Warwick Uni is planning on going?
  5. As a person who stands at a mighty 5ft1, standing is never ideal for gigs. This didn't make it any less AMAZING, though. Particularly enjoyed Madness, Sunburn and Stockholm Syndrome. Feel I've been a bit out the loop with what Muse have been doing these past few months, but this rekindled my love for them again
  6. alice

    Hmm, I didn't do that module but I would say that if they're literature, it's much better to read them in the original German (takes longer but can always wikipedia the synopsis), though a lot of people do just read translations - however don't tell the lecturers if you do that, they hate it ;)


    For reference/non-fiction books, get them in English, reading that in German is such hard work. Reminds me I've got a couple of those for final year, so not looking forward to that!

  7. I'm just trawling through youtube footage at the moment....I really like what they did with Megalomania. That song is just made for a stadium, it's so epic I really hope they perform it again sometime, it worked so well
  8. Josi

    Fantastic OoS Stage!

    mmm wow I can't wait to watch it all on BBC3, wish I was there It makes me excited for the new album/next batch of tours though
  9. Josi

    Right - I'm currently ordering my books and I'm doing the 'Aspects of German Culture in the Age of Enlightenment module'. There are some pretty heavy-duty literary texts and I was just wondering whether I buy the english translations or the original german editions? :) xx

  10. Josi

    Thankyou :D well I don't know where i'll be yet but I put Arthur Vick as my first choice :) thanks for the advice, I'm really excited :D


    I shall add you know, my name's Jo :) x

  11. alice

    Awesome! You must have got good results then so congrats! Do you know which accommodation you'll be in yet? I'm living on campus so I can definitely help you out with anything you need, I remember feeling pretty lost and confused for the first few days and it took me a couple of weeks to really get to know my way around! One thing I'll tell you now - make sure you go to the Fresher Fairs and Socetiy/Sports Fairs as well (they're all in the first week I think) - loads of free stuff and a great way to get involved with stuff early. I'll be going as well to see what freebies they're giving away...


    Feel free to add me on facebook as well if you want, http://www.facebook.com/aliceday :)

  12. Josi

    Sooooo, looks like imma' take up your offer of a Warwick campus tour :awesome:

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