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  1. daaaaaymn might have to have a back up plan then... cheers dude (Y)
  2. We'd just be two 16 year old girls though do you really think they'd just chuck us out :O
  3. My sister said that sunday night is always crazy anyway, campfires and stuff
  4. Oh sorry I don't often come on the forum ok thanks anyway! i think i might risk it and just hide in a big crowd going in...
  5. Does anyone whos been to Reading before think that if me and a friend get day tickets for Sunday we'll be able to sneak in the campsite after Muse have played? Do they check? Our friends who are staying the whole weekend will have a tent for us to crash in Calling on the muser society heellppppp
  6. maybe I'm blinded by my infatutaion, just thought last night was pretty sick, and down with the haters!
  7. Sorry, didn't intend to lump people into categories. Its just I know several people who claim to hate Muse when they've only heard a few singles and base them on this preconception. And yeah, opinions are allowed. Just bugs me, is all. For me there was so much electricity in that performance and the atmos was great. Loved it! Peacee
  8. Fact. People who don't get Muse, diss Muse. Some nice ignorant people will try and weigh the pros and cons. In this case, NME. But the message of that article was pretty clear. I pity these people, last night's show was fecking immense and when it comes to Muse there is no other. PWNED.
  9. Hi, its probably nothing to do with you, but where has all the new women's t-shirts gone in the shop? If they're out of stock, just make a note of it on the page, don't take the shirt off the site completely, it makes me worried that I won't be able to buy it. Thanks :)

  10. Know its a bit late now since its tomorrow.. but in my absolution cd theres a piece of card that slots in with the rest of the leaflet thing with an address? Muse PO BOX 21 London W14 OUZ I have no idea if this would work if your outside the UK, but its worth a bash good for future references
  11. Dead Star definitely "why can't you sleep with, someone who protects you harm is coming your way, its coming your way" k maybe not the dirtiest, but the darkest
  12. Great! But Matt looks like hes only got little feet Perhaps you should put out the candles before posting, we don't want any 'little accidents', such as burnt postmen... damn them they deserve it they deliver my birthday money late every year.
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