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  1. Ditto! I couldn't resist. I may stay through Monday and do some touristy stuff, but we'll see. See you there!
  2. I'm not having any lucking convincing my friends, so DC is the only definite show for me
  3. I agree about the venue being very well organized in their handling of fans with GA tickets. All venues could take a lesson from how TD Garden runs things in this area. We got our wristbands, headed back to the hotel for the rest of the morning, and then met a friend for lunch in Chinatown. It was great! Much better than sitting outside, that's for sure. Where did you end up in the line? My friends and I were 16 thru 19, which ended up being the same spot that we had for MSG #1 Right now I only have a ticket for the DC show. I'd like to do Pittsburgh and/or Philly too, but can't convince any of my friends to join me
  4. Survival sounds so fantastic live. Great videos. Thanks for posting these!
  5. Thanks for the confirmation. I'll be there for Biffy, so that's all that matters
  6. You're probably right. I was trying to remember what time they hit the stage for the Staples shows, and thought it was around 8:45 ish. The shows were over by 10:30 I think, so I guess 8:15 is on target. I'm not used to these early shows.
  7. What? I know they've been hitting the stage early, and I know that this is probably a school night for some fans, but 8:15pm?????
  8. Yep, I'm doing this one, Mohegan Sun, the two MSG shows, and possibly East Rutherford. I have tickets to see The Joy Formidable on the same night, so I may just stay at home and skip the East Rutherford show. I'd like to see some shows during the fall tour, so I hope the schedule works out for me.
  9. I'm not expecting it, but it would be fantastic if they did. I can't believe it's 23 days until the start of my Muse week.
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