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  1. Decided to go last minute, trying to get good tickets! Also, did you guys the electronic copy of the album?
  2. treee

    :LOL: i can't remember my reasons for saying hi to you but oh well

    how are you?

  3. Dear Alhem:


    I just read a few of your posts in the hating CP thread, and I guess I gotta tell you, this board is not even close to what CPing is, it really is so great of you to defend them, and I am so admired you got outta that thread alive which makes you my own personal heroine. Well done dear! :HUG:





  4. I miss you, honey :(:kiss:

  5. 2674

    Were you the one who had a supermmasive profile spam?

  6. Obi

    yeya. Only just joined.

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