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  1. Hej, Since some of you already have their tickets I was wondering if you could help me out: we got two tickets from a reseller and were wondering how genuine tickets look. The ticket numbers check out (we called the O2 and asked) but I'm still quite nervous, especially since we're giving up our glasgow tickets for london... Is there anything special about the tickets or are they really general O2 tickets (picture or the arena at the right with a little hologram at the top)? PS: if anyone has a spare ticket let me know...we're still missing one
  2. I'm trying to swap my Glasgow tickets for London tickets; in case I manage to get london tickets without swapping the glasgow ones I can let you know (wrong thread, I know...sorry)
  3. I have a general (and probably very stupid question): Why does my order confirmation all of a sudden show a row and seat numbers but I ordered standing and my confirmation says floor standing? Is that just a ticketmaster issue?
  4. exact same thing here; but I'm also coming from Germany, meeting friends in London & then we're off to Glasgow
  5. you're lucky!! we tried both Gigs&Tours and Ticketmaster and only managed to get through on the ticketmaster one... anyway, at least I got tickets :party:
  6. nene.. bin schon seit einem Jahr dabei...

  7. jetzt wirds gruselig ;)

    auch dieses semester angefangen?

  8. ergeht mir ähnlich,

    hey ich hab deinen blog gesehen. du studierst hier mol bio?? ich auch!! MCB!

    wasn Zufall

  9. wenn du so fragst: beides

  10. hier auf dem forum oder hier in heidelberg? :p

  11. selber hallo^^

    noch jemand aus HD!! hier is scheinbar mehr los als ich gedacht hab

  12. hallo fellow heidelberger muse fan!

    das war auch schon alles was ich sagen wollte :)

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