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  2. That was me. I saw your post about how you were using toilets as an opening line, so I said your username and immediately disconnected to be creepy :LOL:
  3. BEST NIGHT OF MY LIFE :D:D That was insanity; being in the pit was 10000 times better than sitting in the nosebleed section last night. I nearly died when I heard RBS followed immediately by Bliss, and then I nearly died again when I heard Agitated and DS riffs after SS. Then I actually did die when a stage manager threw a setlist down to a hundred grabbing hands and I caught that page of epicness I think I'll be reeling from this concert for the next month. Thank you, Muse, for giving me the most epic night of probably my entire life the night before I start college. Pictures attached: 1. Uprising with Chris stuck inside; 2. MUSE logo during Nishe; 3. RBS; 4. UD lasers; 5. PIB eyeballs; 6. Setlist
  4. Wow, that was pretty damn amazing. I was up in the nosebleed section, and can't even imagine what it's going to be like in the pit tomorrow The crowd around me was completely stupid, though! All the people around me were checking Facebook every few minutes, except for some old couple which attempted to do some Macarena thing during FG. No one except me stood up the whole time for even SS or KOC
  5. Yep! I was trying to sell that ticket for a while, but I was like "screw it" and decided to go to both I'm new to LA though since I'll be arriving at college the week before the concert (next week)...admittedly, I'm a bit nervous about traveling the Metro alone over from Pasadena. Is it safe?
  6. I wanna change what Wikipedia says just because, but maybe that can wait till after the winners are announced...
  7. I dreamed I was in some random garden, and then I walked out and I was suddenly in an arena and Muse walked on stage. They played Cave and Showbiz, and then they started playing Fillip and I was like WTF is this and I woke up because I realized that I must have been dreaming
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