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    6ft 4, brown hair, mood eyes (eyes change dependant on mood)
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  1. I like your stuff :)

  2. Who am I. I am the person in the crowd, but not. I am the one who is used, and doesnt realise that is not how things work until it is too late. I am the one who makes the remark, which makes some laugh, some cry. I am the one who is easy to learn, impossible to master. The one who stayed behind when everyone else went to play. The one who was always told was 'special'. The one you see with friends, who let him tag along. I am the one who likes to like, but not to love. I am the one who sticks to you as long as they can. I am the one who isnt afraid to speak his mind, but is when you trust him. Who lets the world slide by. Who likes to dream the impossible dream. Who believes there is hope when all hope is gone. The Cynic. The Loyal. The One Who Got Away. I know who I am. Who are you?
  3. http://hariaka.deviantart.com/ Got an assortment of things on there.
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