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  1. NEVERMInd the fan presale is over. ughhhhh:mad::mad:
  2. Is the fan presale over? because I'm putting in my code and it's saying it's wrong.
  3. ugh I just bought my presale tickets for the Dallas show and I thought my computer had a glitch or something because the UPS option wouldn't show up. I'm ok with will call I just wanted my tickets to be shipped to me. I wonder if there is a way to switch will call to UPS?
  4. does anyone know approximately how much the tickets are for the pre-sale? I'm hoping to buy tickets for tomorrow's presale for Dallas but i gotta make sure I got $$$ in the bank lol
  5. omg I just checked my school's calender. It does fall under spring break. yes, this is great news. I hope they end announcing a date on either of those dates (3/13 or 3/14) it seems almost perfect.
  6. Do you guys think they'll announce a date for Dallas? I'd go to the Houston date but it's during the week and there's no way i'll be missing my classes.
  7. As an American, I have to agree with some comments. Muse and super bowl... I WISH. It's going to be at the Cowboys Stadium... Only about 45 mins from my house. But The Who played last year and they kinda want someone big in America. Ugh. I know. But maybe in a few years. but seriously Black Eyed Peas <-- only cause they're popular. America doesn't look into talent
  8. I really doubt that they'll ask Muse to perform. They should. And I would really want that. But it's America. They'll ask Justin Bieber first. And I seriously do wonder if it's not to late to release a new single.
  9. My question is why hasn't MK Ultra been released as a single? Before TR was released I was sure it would be released as one. It's definitely one of my favorite songs on the album. No, it is. Does Muse realize that MK is one of their best songs and they want to hide it from the world and keep it to the real fans? Let me clear something up first. I think MK is the best song on TR (IMO) followed by Unnatural Selection. I LOVE Exo. But I think Exo is so good that it needs to be in its own category
  10. I 'm a little pissed. I don't watch the AMA's unless Muse performs, which they don't. Other than that, it's a personal rule to never watch those award shows because the winners are so predictable. (I'm talking to you bieber fans!) So when I heard that Muse was nominated, I didn't think they would win. Yea, that statement deserves a wtf. But I really under estimated the American vote (hahaha) who usually vote for the most popular generic shit out there. I'm glad they won. I'm still glad I didn't watch it. I'm still glad I missed all the performances. (I would have died if I saw Kesha sing:vomit: ) I'm just a little mad that I wasn't witness to the only real talent win an award.:'(
  11. happy birthday, have a good one!! :D:party:

  12. I happen to love Matt's "bum chin". Bastards! I am so tempted to join just to trash the haters. And most of the people who join only do so to trash the ingrate haters. I'm sure the same haters think pussy ass bands like Nickelback as the best band ever:rolleyes:. I'd rather stay away from hate groups.
  13. hyperMUSEic9

    Oxegen 2010

    oh yea! I'm all for Dom and a drum solo. But twitter was all freaking out about the cursing thing. So, I'm wondering were the actual quote is at?
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